Tuesday, December 20, 2011

you never left me no messages, you never sent me no letters

ten - the numbers of days it's been since i submitted my final final. still no grade, though. blergh.

nine - the time i've been going to sleep lately. i feel kind of pathetic.

eight - the number of krispy kreme donuts that are currently sitting on my kitchen counter.

seven - the number of days in a week. (i don't know. this is the last number i have, and i really can't think of anything. thinking is hard.)

six - the time the celebratory dinner/whatever it was thingy that mason was throwing for fall graduates ended tonight. i had forgotten about it and missed it.

five - the number of weeks it's been since mason said they'd give me an answer in two to four weeks.

four - the number of people that have noted the fact that i've gained weight in the past three days.

three - the number of days until i will be in florida and thereby finally visiting harry potter world.

two - the number of dozens of sugar cookie men i made. i decorated a few of them as family members. they were cute.

one - the number of hours it has taken me to write this measly post. my brain has officially shut itself off.

*You Found Me - The Fray


  1. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 20, 2011 at 8:58 PM

    :( i have a feeling were not going to have a movie night. sad.

  2. it's playing tomorrow and thursday at seven:fifteen and ten at tysons. and seven: twenty-five and ten:twenty at fairfax town center. i don't think anisah will be allowed out at night, by the way. and if we don't get a chance before the florida trip, we'll go after. i'm sure it will still be playing somewhere.