Monday, December 5, 2011

you're so good and you're so bad

you know what one of my favorite parts of the christmas season is? (aside from all of the christmas lights and the same three christmas songs repeated nonstop on the radio by a hundred and fifty different singers, that is.) the sudden influx of lifetime and hallmark movies. i mean, lifetime movies on a normal day are pretty great, but nothing comes close to being as truly, horrendously awesome and cliched and a christmas movie. and the minute december starts, we are bombarded with them.

one of the funnest things to do with these kind of movies, along with mocking the dialogue and counting the number of cliches they fall into, is trying to guess the famous actor/actress that the stars of the movie look like. because, if you watch enough of these, you'll notice that they all look like someone. for a lot of them, i'm guessing it's the only reason they are hired, because they sure weren't have been chosen for their nonexistent acting skills. and then there are the actors that are really not bad, but mixed in with the bad plot and dialogue, they don't stand a chance. i like to imagine why they stooped to doing the movie.

anyway, the other day i was watching my first one of these movies of the season, and the main female character was a dead ringer for kiera knightley. not just in looks, but also mannerisms. she had the same facial expressions and way that she moved. it was kind of creepy after a while because all i could think of was her spending her whole life trying to be kiera knightley. remember that show they once had when they would give people plastic surgery to look like their favorite star? yeah, she would be one of those people who went too far. but the movie was great: predictable with accents suddenly appearing and disappearing, which is always fun. and i generally liked the actors. i'm looking forward to this month.

so thank you lifetime, for your wonderfully bad movies that never fail to put a smile on my face. this year especially, i think i need all the cheesiness you never fail to offer.

*Kiss and Tell - You Me At Six


  1. What's even funnier is spotting someone who actually IS famous in one of those movies -- as a child, or cast in a minor role. *sigh* I miss TV. (We could have about 4 English channels over here, but it's not really worth the trouble when you can keep up with your favorite shows online anyhow.)

  2. oh yeah definitely, i don't know how i forgot about that.
    i kind of stopped watching tv for a while, but i'm definitely getting back into it, at least for this month. and wow with four channels, you probably wouldn't get many of your favorite shows anyway. yay for internet.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusDecember 6, 2011 at 12:21 AM

    you guys are so mean..:( i love lifetime movies!

    and sarah..i'm still nauseous from the cupcakes. and every time i think im feeling better i remember them and get nauseous again. like to the point of gagging. so horrible :'( and anything sweet i put in my mouth makes me gag. i couldn't even have sugar in my tea!

  4. There are some really good ones out there, though there are also some that are really awful on the acting side... If you have a good story, don't ruin it with wannabe actors who can't act.. maybe some real auditioning would work

  5. anonymous hippopotamus: i love life time movies, too. and i told everyone the cupcakes were awful, and i didn't bring any for you to try, and i didn't tell you to try it. so it's completely your fault for being nosy.

    Hannah: there are, but those aren't nearly as fun to watch as the bad ones. but yes, to be fair, i have seen a few really good lifetime movies.

  6. It's a very good thing that you skipped NBC's The Game of Life, where some kid without a family finds acceptance within a group of high school kids making a video game for a school competition. And they almost don't win because the principal is unfair. And then he gets arrested for taking bribes or something. Happily ever after.

  7. oh the mocking possibilities sound endless. i must watch this.