Tuesday, November 27, 2012

every new beginning comes from another beginning's end

it's an exciting time to be living in our household, let me tell you. we are all about new beginnings and rekindling dreams and giving things a shot. (don't worry, though, there is still plenty of time being wasted sitting on the couch watching stupid tv shows and eating brownies.)

first of all, my fourth grade dream of owning a bunny was realized last night when my husband got me this guy:

(ignore the mess in the background and the fact that the lighting isn't great because it was dark (as it tends to get when the sun goes down) and our lights kind of suck in this apartment.) his name is fitzsarah darcy, or just darcy for short, and he is adorable and has a ridiculously sweet temperament.

second of all, my sister recently read my 2011 nanovel and said it had promise. i never opened the story after i finished nano last year, but remember really liking the idea of it before i started. so now i am re-excited about it and once i get my fifty thousand words for this nano finished, i will go back and take a second look at it. remember three years ago when i said that i was going to edit sincerely, mr. nobody and start sending it out to agents, but never did? yeah, well, this time i am planning to actually get further into the editing than the first three chapters and do this for real. i'm kind of stupidly excited about it, though i still haven't read the story myself so i don't know how discouraged i will get after that. (i painted my nails to look like pages in a book, though, and i think that that shows writerly promise, don't you?)

third, my husband also brought home a new tv last night, which he is super excited about. (though to be honest i kind of miss the way that the picture would stay printed on the screen for a few seconds every time a scene ended with our old one. enough people have told me i'm being stupid for that, though.)

finally, my husband is finishing his master's this semester (in like, two weeks) and i will be maybe dropping out of school next semester (but even if i don't it will be the last semester i take classes. like ever.) and the end of being married students is both liberating and terrifying and a slew of other emotions, but it is also a new beginning so it deserves to be listed here.

long story short, change is in the air, and though i am the biggest advocate of anti-change, exciting things may be happening.

*Closing Time - Green Day


  1. Anonymous hippopotamusNovember 28, 2012 at 12:02 AM

    Love this post! So uplifting and hopeful. I didn't know you could be an uplifting and hopeful writer! Usually you're do dark or sarcastic, and good at it.

    1. i am a person of many talents :). (i was gonna put woman but that sounded weird, and it made me think of prostitution for some reason. so i changed it to person.) and my character for this year's nano is really cheery and optimistic. i may just be channeling her.

  2. Hey hey hey!.

    I am reading your blog after a year now.
    I want a bunny too.
    Your hubby is the coolest.
    Share your last novel with me. Please?

    1. i'm really glad you came back :).
      i've been wanting a bunny since i was in fourth grade, so this has been a ridiculous wait, but i hope you get one much sooner than i did. they're so great! i'm in love with darcy.
      lol yes, he certainly can be.
      about the novel, it's a complete mess right now. like, i change tense and point of view and stuff midsentence and there is a lot of stuff just stuck in there to up my word count (since it was for nanowrimo), but send me an email and after i go through it at least once i'll email it to you. i'd love your feedback on it.

  3. i knew it was a pet -_- anisah and hannah sort of suck a little bit.
    but CONGRATS! welcome to the magical world of pet ownership.

  4. That's a lot of husband-related awesomeness in that post. You go Zeyad!

    The 2010 novel was amazing (I never got to read the 2011 one) and you definitely need to send those out to agents, if that's what you want to do. Certainly, they are very good!

    P.S. Only Anisah would turn your rabbit purchase into the world's most awkward discussion.

    1. actually, you read the 2009 novel. 2010 i never finished (though i did get over 50k words). but yeah, i'm going to give you 2011 to read after i go through it (whether you want to read it or not).

      p.s. it entertained her greatly.

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