Thursday, June 6, 2013

could be a good excuse

so i had to turn on captchas for comments, and i'm really sorry. i know how annoying it is to prove that you are not a spambot every time you want to add your two cents to a topic, but the number of spam comments was getting a little ridiculous. too many were tricking the spam filters and getting through. just this morning i had to delete at least ten spam comments from past blog posts. and while ten may not seem like a lot, it's still super annoying. so, captchas on.

this past weekend my cousin and his family (wife and daughter) came down to visit us. he's been getting his master's in new york at columbia for the past year and decided to see dc before he leaves the country again in december. we've developed a sort of expertise in touristy stuff around virginia and dc because of all of the relatives who decide that it's a cool place to visit. usually, though, they stay more than a couple of days. since this cousin was only here for the weekend, and we didn't want him to feel jipped of his tourist experience, we crammed a lot of stuff into those two and a half days. we did malls because for some reason they are always popular with the visitors, the zoo, old town alexandria, the air and space museum, all of the main monuments in dc as well as the capitol and white house, a trip to skyline caverns, as well as taking the time to do art projects and seesawing with the kid and watching soccer matches on tv. it was busy and required a lot of walking in the hot sun, but fun.

and his daughter is adorable. in the beginning, she could not seem to remember my sister's and my names for anything. for a while, she called me sammy and my sister musa (because apparently guy names are easier?) and then she started calling me yellow and my sister pink (because of the color shirts we were wearing). that seemed to stick the longest and so on sunday we decided to wear the same colored shirts so as not to confuse her. monday, though, the day they left, i wore pink and my sister wore yellow to see if she had learned to tell us apart. turns out she had and somehow managed to learn my name in her sleep and called me by it from the second she saw me. she still had a bit of trouble with my sister's, but most kids seem to have trouble with anisah. but yeah, she was definitely one of the most behaved kids to come visit us.

anyway, that was my weekend and why i was not blogging. i actually have a good excuse this time.

*It Could Be a Good Excuse - The Used

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