Sunday, June 30, 2013

i'm wasting my time again

so camp nanowrimo starts like tomorrow (unless there are thirty one days in june, but i'm pretty sure there aren't) and i'm lacking the enthusiasm that i usually feel at the start of every november which is leading me to predict that, though i've never failed at nano, camp nano will be a completely different story. maybe it's because i'm doing literally nothing all day every day and without the pressure of making sure i have time for writing in between schoolwork and family i lose any and all ability to write. i'm hoping that once i actually sit down and start i'll get into my story again and the words will just flow.

i'm not sure if i mentioned it on here or not, but instead of writing a new story this july, i will be using camp to flesh out my twenty-eleven nanonovel. (you know, the one i've been complaining about editing for months on end.) it needs a whole lot of words added to it in the form of world development, history, character development, and side plots. i'm hoping to fatten it up with at least fifty thousand words. and then i'll go through it again and tighten it up. that's the plan anyway. we'll see what actually happens. 

speaking of hobbies of mine, i've been knitting a lot since my family left. mostly scarves which i'm hoping to start selling in the fall (and if i don't do that then i'll just send them to my grandmother who will distribute them among the people of ct.), but i've also decided to do a knit patchwork blanket. i'm kind of stupidly excited about it. i had originally wanted to make it in shades of blue, but i used the last of my blue yarn on a scarf yesterday (which doubly sucks because i don't even like how the scarf turned out really), and since i told myself that i would finish the yarn i have this summer before buying new yarn (because i'm running out of room to put it) i have switched to more autumny colors: orange, red, maybe yellow. 

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