Friday, June 14, 2013

please don't turn around and grow up way too fast

i was twelve years old when my mom had the older of my two younger brothers. i had spent ten years of my life as the middle child of a family of five, and i had liked it that way. after living so long with two sisters, i wasn't quite sure what to do with a brother. none of us were. but we went baby crazy when he came home, and he's still one of my most favorite people ever.

anyway, almost thirteen years later, he graduated from sixth grade yesterday, and i couldn't be more proud of him. i know a lot of people who have issues with sixth grade graduations, who think that the first school milestone that should be given a graduation is the completion of high school, who think that giving kids sixth grade graduations is equivalent to giving everyone who tries a trophy and banning criticism, and to them i say that while i do agree that kids these days are being taught to take all criticism as a personal attack on themselves which i feel is hurting them more than being told that they could do better ever will, i find nothing wrong with a sixth grade graduation and they can stop trying to rain on my parade, thank you very much. 

the graduation was even more awesome than usual school assemblies, and that's saying something because i absolutely love elementary school assemblies. (for both the sappy reasons and for laughing at the children, because, come on, elementary boys are hilarious even whey they don't mean to be.)

point of the story here, though, is that my baby is all growed up. or at least very much on the way of becoming so. and that makes me both happy and very sad. 

*Hourglass - Mindy Gledhill

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