Friday, June 21, 2013

it's been one of those days when your flip flop gets stuck in something in the middle of a walmart parking lot and you just stand there in the heat, not surprised and not even trying to move because just of course. and we're not even out of the a.m.'s yet. (when this is posted we will be, but at the time of me writing that sentence there are still three minutes till twelve.)

in case you were wondering, it was gum and pepsi. both. because one is not enough.

today is the first day of summer, like officially, and i suppose i could write about that except summer started so long ago for me that i don't even remember spring. and i am still shirking responsibilities and having them haunt me whenever my mind starts to wander. officially accepting summertime means declaring it time to get my act together and i really don't want to. i am the worst at doing anything ever. i think it is time for me to accept that and just start my life as a waste of space. i can lay on the floor in my tower, read books, watch movies, and eat granola. forever.

i have been in a state of half-finishings, and i think it is starting to mess with my head. i started knitting a scarf and stopped halfway through. i started reading a book and stopped halfway through. i started several pieces of writing and stopped halfway through. they always say that starting is the hardest part, but no, i think it's finishing. it's definitely finishing.

i can't seem to finish a thought today either. 

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