Monday, July 22, 2013

at least i'm moving forward

so i said i would write about my bad luck with movies, but the post was dragging on and putting me to sleep just writing it, so here's the short version: whenever i want to see a movie in theaters, like really want to see it, i don't. something happens, or a whole bunch of things happen, and it ends up leaving everywhere before i get a chance. it's sad really, and has been going on for years and years and years. some recent notable misses were the great gatsby (i know! i feel sorry for me, too) and the bling ring. the therapist i saw in tenth grade felt that it had to do with my constant putting everyone else before me and my habit of seeing that other people had stuff on their plates while simultaneously ignoring the fact that i had stuff on my plate. or, something like that. (i really wanted to watch ella enchanted that year because it was my favorite book since i read it in fourth grade. she would ask me every week if i saw it. you can probably guess my answer. the first time i watched it was when i bought myself the DVD.)


i have added twenty-nine thousand, seven hundred and forty words to my novel so far, and i recently read the prologue again and i found myself liking it. sure, it's not perfect, but it has potential and it is definitely stronger than it used to be. it has also maybe sort of become the first in a potential trilogy? i mean, i can take out the newly added last chapter and it will be a standalone book. i can leave in the newly added last chapter and suddenly there are follow up books. it's magical, really. the newly added last chapter was added today (but thought of earlier) so starting tomorrow i will be going through it randomly and inserting the things i want to. hopefully these things will add up to another ten thousand words or so. i still think that i suck at the whole editing thing and i'm not even sure if you can count what i'm doing as editing at all, but i am making progress and that is all that matters.

(i am not making any progress on the academic front, though. not even fake progress because i am so over the situation that i refuse to do anything for/about it. it's really bad. whenever i start to feel good about novel progress or blanket knitting progress (i have about a quarter of the patches knitted so far), i like to remind myself of my epic failure with school to keep myself grounded.)

*Moving Forward - Hoobastank


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 22, 2013 at 7:43 PM

    i am excited!!! i better be the first to read the finished draft!

    also i have been reading your blog...just haven't posted any comments. now there are soo many posts without comments its overwhelming. :( :(

    1. just to be clear, this is a second draft. no where near a finished draft (but hopefully a lot closer than the first one). and you will definitely read it because you are the only one that will be able to say if it actually did get any better or if i just added more "he saids" to up the word count (which i actually was doing at one point and i'm afraid did way too much) because you are the only one that read the first draft. so yeah.

      i'll watch the boys when you get here and you can sit and spend an hour commenting on everything.