Saturday, July 6, 2013

with these things there's no telling, we just have to wait and see, but i'd rather be working for a paycheck than waiting to win the lottery

today my marriage turns two years old, and i find that really weird because it feels both too young and too old at the same time. if it were a baby, it would be in one of the cutest stages of its life, but also the most bratty.

to celebrate this momentous occasion, here are a bunch of random facts about two years, marriage, married couples, and other random things that are only vaguely relevant.

  • the average person spends around 2 years on the phone in their lifetime. (i'm not sure how much i believe this fact. i mean, my sister will sit on the phone for almost eight hours a day nine months out of the year, which means she's been on the phone for one year about every four years. so unless she dramatically decreases her phone usage, she should fill out her two years any day now.)
  • 101 dalmatians and peter pan are the only two disney movies that have 2 parents that are around and don't die in the movie. (in peter pan 2, though, the dad is at war and i can't remember if he dies or not. my family and i used to watch peter pan 2 on repeat every summer for my little brothers.)
  • washington dc has the lowest marriage rate in america. (i'm not sure if i am surprised by this or not. at first i was, but then i tried to think of a state that would have a lower rate and i couldn't think of one so maybe that means that i'm not.)
  • lions generally only mate once every two years. (from all of the nature documentaries and animal books and shows i have gone through with my brother, i should have learned this before.)
  • the wife of a married, male millionaire is statistically most likely to be a teacher if employed. (i don't know how they came up with this one or if it has any basis in truth at all, but now that i posted it it will sit in your mind and you'll randomly remember it at parties and tell other people and pretty soon everyone will believe it.)
  • in america, tv soap opera weddings tend to have more viewers than a presidential address. (this does not surprise me at all. not even a little bit.)
  • the title for this post is from bright eyes' first day of my life which was the song my husband and i danced our first dance to. (i don't think there will ever be a time that the fact that i played bright eyes, muse, the script, and savage garden at my wedding will not make me happy.)

*First Day of My Life - Bright Eyes


  1. sorry for the belated congrats! i swear i did try to comment before.
    one theory for the teacher as the wife of a millionaire: the many rich older men/oil tycoons, etc etc. esp in the south, who look for blonde younger women. these women in turn are pageant women, who go to university of texas or whatever and do teaching majors and try to be Miss Texas, and go to cotillions. in these dress-up events, the millionaires come and choose their brides.

    1. thank you! and i will accept that theory. i can think of enough fictional people that fall into these categories that it makes sense and can be considered fact. by me. which maybe doesn't mean that much in the grand scheme of things, but if i ever get rich and famous it will.