Wednesday, December 1, 2010

i stole your style, hope you don't mind

so i stumbled upon this site yesterday called I Write Like that is, according to the site, a "statistical analysis tool, which analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them with those of the famous writers." so of course i decided to not do my homework (i still have until thursday to do it, and there are more important things in life than finishing homework early) and instead see who i write like. i picked a random blog post to start with, but then analyzed all the posts from october and november, you know, so i'll have a more accurate analysis (and it took more time). here were my results:

the first author i got, for this post, was arthur c clarke. i had no idea who he was previously, and so i'm not sure how similar our writing styles are. i think it may have come up because he's science fiction and i talked about stars and time?

i got stephenie meyer. twice. (this post and this one.) you can imagine my elation at that one. :/  i also got jk rowling for this one, but since i'm pretty sure it's only because it's about harry, it doesn't count.

this post about waking up early got me jd salinger. since i'm pretty sure i love salinger more than is probably healthy, i was happy.

i got dan brown twice (this one and the one where i talked about angels and demons). the second one falls into the jk rowling category, though. aside from the fact that i think dan brown is in love with his character (not in the normal i love my character way, but in a if i was his wife i'd be worried way) i was okay with this.

i got james joyce once, chuck palahniuk twice (did i ever tell you of my obsession with chuck? i have had his entire collection of books in my amazon shopping cart and ebay watch list for longer than i can remember. i am in love with his ideas and the way that he writes, but i have never read a single one of his books. yet. i really don't know what i'm waiting for but every time i go to get the books i decide to wait. i know he'll be one of my top favorite authors though), that post i wrote on water got me harry harrison (aside from a pretty cool name, he wrote the basis for the movie soylent green which makes him pretty much awesome), and i got douglas adams twice (for this and this). i had just been talking to my mom about douglas adams like an hour before doing this, so i thought it was relevant. plus, who wouldn't want to be compared to him? even by a statistical analysis tool that i'm pretty sure is pretty fake.

but, with a whopping nine posts in his style, i think the writer that i am most like (according to this) is cory doctorow. don't know who he is? that's okay, i didnt either. apparently he is a canadian blogger, journalist, and science fiction author. that alone makes him super cool in my books, and in this blog there are no other books that matter. i'll have to read some of his stuff since we're apparently literary soul mates.

there are a lot of links in this post. you know, in case you didn't notice.

*Hope You Like the New Me - Richard Thompson


  1. The Lie is written like Arthur Clarke
    Darkness is H.P Lovecraft
    Shattered so far is Arthur Clarke
    Shadows in the Light of Darkness is Chuck Palahniuk

    So science-fiction, horror/fantasy/science-fiction, science-fiction and transgressional fiction

    Not too bad, I don't think ^^

  2. not bad at all. all of them are awesome authors, or so i've heard. i should probably look into this arthur clarke dude since he keeps popping up.

  3. Whoa, this is so cool.

    Mostly, I got Stephen King. Some J.D. Sallinger. A surprising William Shakespeare. An even more shocking Edgar Alan Poe. People I don't know like David Foster Wallace and H. P. Lovecraft. But I did manage to snag an awesome Chuck Palahniuk. Yippe do da day for me.

  4. most of yours are dark and twisted lol, but all awesome authors so yay. everyone who does this besides me seems to stick in the same general genres of authors. i'm like all over the place.

  5. LOOOL oh mannn that bit about dan brown loving his author is so true. man i gotta go tell someone.