Monday, July 18, 2011

everything is going wrong, but we're so happy

before i start in on the pre-wedding wedding day preparations, i think it should be mentioned that today i watched a harry potter movie for the first time for the last time. i think that knowledge was sadder than any part of the film (which, though i felt was really good was nowhere near as sad as i was expecting).

so anyway, let's go back in time to july sixth, two thousand eleven, something a.m. in the morning. after a night spent mostly crying (because, really, no matter what the occasion, change and i have never been able to meet with a smile. there are always tears shed between the two of us.) i wake up with eyes so puffy i could barely open them. seriously. it was bad. i tried ice and tea bags and cold water and everything else i ever heard took away swelling of eyes, but nothing seemed to be working. in the words of my younger, i kinda looked like our elementary school drama teacher on a bad day. now, you don't know my drama teacher, but she had those eyes that seem to bug out of your head. you know the kind?

after resolving to let time deal with the puffy eyes, i proceeded to walk around my house like a ghost who has forgotten where it was haunting and why exactly it didn't just leave earth behind. i then realized that i had a nail problem. see, the original hair and makeup person included a manicure. we changed from them, though, and the new ones didn't. there was no time to go to another place that morning, and all of my nail polish was in my room here in america. my sister had pink mood changing, black, and clear. everyone said no to the black immediately, the pink was too bright to work, and so i tried the clear. only, it didn't show. no matter how many layers i piled on. i then tried to paint my nails with lipstick using a makeup brush and putting a layer of clear nail polish on top. this actually looked really nice... until it dried completely. then my sister (with the help of google) found that mixing eye shadow and clear nail polish makes colored nail polish. so i chose a nice purple color out of my older sister's new eye shadow set thing, and proceeded to destroy it. i crushed it into powder and poured it into the nail polish and lo and behold i had a really nice color. day saved.

after lunch we went to the hotel suite that i would be getting ready in. it was me, my two sisters, my two brothers, my two nephews, and my two brothers. for hours. it was loud and i was nervous and getting a headache which made me irritable. not fun. my dad had forgotten his cell phone at home, so everyone was trying to call us to get stuff ready and they couldn't reach us because they were only trying his phone. my sisters were making the plates of food that would be sitting on each table and my parents were in the other room starting to steam iron my dress. for about ten minutes. and the electricity for our room was turned off. apparently, steam irons are not allowed. so we had to normal iron the dress and i will post pictures of it later but oh my god it was hard.

while all of this was going on, i was waiting for my hair and makeup people to come. they were supposed to come at four. you know what time they ended up coming? six:forty. yeah, i was pretty panicked. so they come and decide that they don't want to start until seven:fifteen because apparently the styles i chose wouldn't take them more than half an hour tops. i sat and talked with them which was pretty fun. the makeup lady had been with her fiancee for eight years and decided that she hated him but couldn't think of a way to break it off after that long so was trying to make him miserable so he'd break it off. they finally started on my makeup (during which they ate the snacks that the hotel gave us and drank the water). the makeup took longer than expected, surprise surprise, and before the hair lady even started the photographer came to take the pictures.

of course, she was told to wait, and wait she did. for about an hour. because the hair took longer than she expected it would too. and with the constant cloud of spray she kept around my head and contacts that were dying to dry out, my eyes started to water. so the makeup lady kept frantically trying to keep me from looking like a raccoon with mascara running down my cheeks. the hair lady finally finished, and they both did an amazing job despite the fact that they have no idea how to manage their time.

i got into my dress which was so puffy i could barely fit through doorways, and found out that i had apparently lost weight and it was noticeably big on me. nothing to do about it then, though.

it was finally time for the pictures to be taken so i moved into the other room where the photographer had set up. i took a million pictures by myself in all kind of awkward and weird poses that she put me into - like pretending to run away or squatting facing the wall but twisting my torso so my front was facing the camera and tilting my head sideways and holding my arms in some weird position over my head (i swear they expect you to be freakin acrobats to be pictured by them) and then my parents and husband came up to take pictures with me. we took a million more pictures and then the photographer decided we were done and it was finally time to go down to the guests. it was about eleven:thirty by this time.

after a morning where it seemed like whatever could go wrong did, i was surprisingly calm at this point. the nerves that had been attacking me all day seemed to suddenly disappear. i think it was more the thought that, no matter how much i embarrassed myself it would all be done soon than the fact that i really wasn't nervous. remember how i mentioned that i don't like being the center of attention? yeah, that's because i tend to make an idiot out of myself every time i am. anyway, we went out to the elevator and rode up to the fifth floor (the suite was on the third) to where our guests were waiting.

*Let's Dance to Joy Division - The Wombats


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 22, 2011 at 9:43 AM

    blah blah blah...i like the second post better and can't remember what i read in this post...oh! I didn't give me ANY credit for the nail polish... i was the one who told you guys to use google *tear* I am the google queen... *double tear*

    random...i took the subway 10 stops from my hotel and took the boys to the Ueno Zoo! HOW FREAKING AWESOME AM I?! like seriously i am soo excited and proud of myself because you know me...or maybe you don't but I never knew I was capable of this...this opens sooooooo many doors. *sigh* but in a week they will all be slammed shut because i'm going back to saudi boo!

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 26, 2011 at 11:32 AM

    i watched harry potter 7 part one yesterday...and i think it might have been my favorite harry potter movie. although i cant really remember how i felt about the other ones. i think i get that feeling for all of them. i want to do a harry potter marathon...and gone with the wind, and umm..gilmore girls, wild fire....basically any and every dvd/vhs series we have. lol

  3. oh my god you are so awesome!!! and i mean that with absolutely no sarcasm. i remember you were dying when me and you took the metro one stop over to hisham's work, so i completely grasp the magnitude of this accomplishment.

    yeah part one was a good one. i ended up watching part two before we left to london and it was really good, but i feel like part one could stand alone as a movie by itself while part two felt like a continuation/wrap up. it was awesome, but if i was just watching it without any background, i might not be able to fully enjoy it while i could with the others.

  4. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 27, 2011 at 10:58 PM

    Ahem correction: when you and I took the metro.

    Wow!!! No sarcasm?! That's amazing. We met his hams high school friends here Tokyo and one of them ( I loved him ) asked me how I like Japan and I told him I love it and he said really? Wat do you love about it?? All the radiation everywhere? He cracked me up and reminded me of you. Hilarious!

  5. did you meet the singer dude from post-grad? he's the important one.

  6. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 28, 2011 at 10:35 AM

    lol no 1. he wasn't japanese. 2. he wasn't hisham's friend he just happened to go to tasis. :D

  7. god why'd you marry him if he can't even be friends with famous people?

  8. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 28, 2011 at 7:08 PM

    Hahaha is zeyad friends with famous people? :p

    You know what I realized I hate the words anonymous and hippopotamus because no matter how many times I type them or write them I am never sure if I'm spelling them correctly. It's sooo annoying!! Thank god for spell check

  9. ok, so for a couple weeks i completely forgot that people had blogs. my mind lied to itself or whatever. and i was so excited about your wedding but like i said, i completely forgot that my friends have blogs.
    and it hit me like a lightning bolt this past night, and i read all the blogposts to keep up and i didn't want to comment on anything because i was more excited to move onto the next post and the next.

    but here you see, you said 'husband' and it finally hit me. it really hit me. oh my, i don't know how to express my emotions toward you. they're gushy and dorky and lovey dovey, all for you. it'd be embarrassing to elaborate but wow, you're married. i hope things are going swell for the two of you.

    gah, sorry. YOU'RE MARRIED. good lord, life is strange. i'm happy for you, and i love you and all that jazz. i'm stopping now.

  10. anonymous hippopotamus... haha no but he comes from a rich family :P.

    and o.m.g. me too!!! (about the spelling.) i thought it was just me and i was stupid. i can do anonymous but hippo is just so hard. that's why i write anon hippo a lot of the time.

    mahoney... lol you really haven't missed much because i have sucked at blogging recently, but awww thank you so much. now that i can finally pause and breathe again, i want to see you!

  11. still, exciting! i heard Joharah and her sister were at the wedding lool, it must've been fun seeing them. i think she recently got engaged or something. anyway, when things settle down for you we should definitely chill together. Razan must come too!

  12. johara got engaged???? when did this happen?? and yes razan must definitely come.

  13. lool, i think it just happened over the past week or so. i'm not sure if they've publicized it yet. but it's what i heard. everyone is getting married, good lord. i'll stop growing up and save you all the humiliation of digging yourself deeper into adulthood~

  14. omg that's exciting!! though i always thought she'd be married with kids before i even got engaged. and thanks, that would be great of you. if you happen to find the way to neverland, take me with you. you think they'd still let me in you just laugh in my face at the door??