Monday, July 4, 2011

the hardest part is letting go of your dreams

so. what's your stance on dreams if you don't mind me asking? i'm not talking about goals and aspirations and those sparkly things that help you get through the day. no, i'm more concerned about those other things that keep your mind occupied at night when you are otherwise dead to the world. you know, the tv show that your brain puts on for the inside of your eyelids that you sometimes wish would just get cancelled already. yeah, those dreams.

you see, i've been having some dream trouble as of late. and by trouble i mean they are getting really effing obnoxious. not only do i wake up from them completely exhausted (i mean, really, body. i don't feel like my last days of non-marriedhood should be spent fighting the urge to fall and down and cry about how tired i am. plus, these black circles may be hard to cover.) but also, it is just really not the time to be dreaming any of this. i chalked them off to stress the first couple of nights, i said that my mind is just struggling to hold on to the sameness it has always known when i was shoving change down its throat like a celebrity giving charity (speaking of celebrities and charity, i have a really great story to tell you guys later). but it's been a while and you'd think my mind would have worked through its issues by now. only, it hasn't. and i really, really, really wish it would.

so anyway, where do you stand on dreams? how many of them actually mean anything and how many of them are just your brain putting out the trash at the end of the week? should people listen to dreams or should they file them under nonsense to be forgotten like the list of world capitals i had to memorize in high school? what would i regret more: listening to my dreams or ignoring them?

but most of all, how can i get a good night's sleep without having to suffer any dreams? i really miss sleep.

*Sleep - My Chemical Romance


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 4, 2011 at 2:12 PM

    mmm..sometimes dreams are just nonsense but other times i think its our body trying to tell us something. I always go to and look up the subject of my dream...once i dreamt of slugs and I read the description and it pretty much described how i had been feeling. So yeah that's my stance on dreams...occasionally its our body and mind trying as a last attempt to tell us something important. :D

  2. I think you should always listen to your dreams... Whenever I've ignored them, i've regretted it

  3. Well, dreams are a weird thing to figure out. Most of my seem completely random and made of total nonsense, but if you look at them with a different perspective they could really mean something. For instance, I had this one dream where big foot (yes big foot xD) was coming after my sister and I. He was supposedly trying to kill us. However, now that I think about it. I never once abandoned my sister. I didn't leave her there to die, while I saved my own butt. Hell, I even protected her. I guess that dream was telling me that no matter how much I say I hate her living guts, I still have a soft mushy spot for her in my heart ♥

  4. anon hippo... i went to the site and it seemed kind of horoscope-y to me. like, if you dream about this it means that you are happy. it could also mean that you are sad. uh, thank you captain obvious. and these dreams are a lot more specific and direct than slugs. i know exactly what they're saying. question is, how much weight should i put on the message?

    Hannah... thanks for the advice. :)

    Emiko F. Seiei... that's true. sometimes it can be hard to know what a dream is trying to tell you, though. other times the dream is pretty clear but you have to wonder how much of it is true and how much should stay in dreamland.