Saturday, July 2, 2011

you're faking a smile with the coffee to go

you know those dreams that feel really real and tire you out so much that you wake up feeling less rested than you did before you went to sleep though you were pretty exhausted then? and you know how irritating it is when you just open your eyes on a morning like this and you are suddenly bombarded with prices for different electronics and links to each one and claims that you are liar and aren't really going to buy [him] anything [he] just knows it? and then to go out to sit by the router where the internet is not clinging to life by its fingertips and realize that for some reason the air conditioning is not on and you can feel the sweat beginning to bead on your forehead and upper lip but just don't feel like getting up to turn it on? and to top it all off, you know when you realize that though all you really want is to crawl back into bed but you can't because you have lunch plans and t-shirt making plans and plans after dark for wedding music meetings and the next best thing would just be to sit on the couch and cry because you're just. so. tired. but you can't because you have to be happy and bubbly all day? and then to have the stupidity and incompetence level of everyone around suddenly spike to all-time high when you just don't have the patience or energy to deal with it? yeah, it's one of those days.

on another note, though i was a harry potter fan for as long as i can remember, i never really listened to any of the music that popped up about the series. this song popped up on a blog i follow, though, and i felt it was fitting for the time:

speaking of music, here are a few songs from my summer playlist that i think are pretty awesome. you know, just in case you felt like adding a few songs to your music library. they're mostly slow-paced/accoustic/indie rock/slightly folky/whatever else songs so if you're more into pop/hip hoppy/rap stuff than you probably shouldn't click the links. (i was originally going to embed all the youtube videos but it made the post too long, so i'm just going to link to them instead. widflowers by tom petty. changing by the airborne toxic event. apples and tangerines by the phoenix foundation. corinne by metronomy. land of the bloody unknown by the middle east. sweet talk, sweet talk by the new pornographers. there are also a bunch of bob dylan covers that i downloaded when i realized that i couldn't steal my mom's cds because of joe's old age. i think jason mraz has a pretty decent one.

*Bad Day - Daniel Powter

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  1. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 4, 2011 at 2:14 PM

    new pornographers??? really?? could they have found a better name? with that said i did not listen to any of the songs. sorry for the bad day though :(