Friday, July 29, 2011

if a picture's worth a thousand words...

okay so i said i was going to post pictures of the wedding stuff, but thing is i really don't have many. see, i took a few pictures before the wedding (before everything was done and ready), and the pictures of pre-wedding once everything was done, wedding, and post-wedding were all taken by different people and i still haven't gotten them yet. but here are a couple of the pictures that i have.

the minute we got to the suite, my brothers ran over to the bed and did this, claiming it was the softest thing they had ever felt in their entire life. my nephew likes to copy the big kids. anyway, i thought it was cute. they actually stayed this way for a while. my brothers are in blue and green and my nephew is in stripes if you couldn't figure it out. 

these are the plates of finger foods that were placed on each table. or, this is them while they were being made. a few more things were added to them and then they were wrapped up and brought up to the hall. my sister made them (as in, organized the food and chocolate... she didn't actually make the food). 

this is my dad holding my bouquet. he had just brought it down from the hall where the flower people were setting up the rest of the stuff, so it was the first time i was seeing it in real life. 

this was the cake topper from the wedding cake (duh). the bride looks nothing like me and the groom looks nothing like my husband, but the cake was good so it's okay. my sister had taken a picture of the cake when she was taking the pictures that were never taken, but i think my cousin has a picture. as soon as i get one i'll post it because it was pretty. (to be honest, i think i may have already forgotten what it looked like, but i remember choosing a pretty one.)

this is a picture of the hall from a little in front of the small stage i started out on. i walked down that aisle and we ended up on the big stage at the end with the couch. 

this is a close-up of the stage thing. can i just say that it was really hard getting to and from the couch because that table with the flowers on it and the columns of flowers made a really narrow section that i had to squeeze through and my dress was really puffy. at the end of the wedding, everyone took turns taking pictures on the couch under the crown.

here's a view of the tables before they were actually finished. there were purple covering things for the chairs and the food and tea and coffee and stuff were added. there were also purple tablecloth thingies over the white. like see-through-ish ones. i forgot the name of the material. 

okay, so not a wedding picture, but this is me with our guide for the harry potter tour. he was super awesome. he's holding a dvd player that he used to show us movie clips to prove that what we were seeing were the actual places from the movies. according to him, the harry potter tour is a very popular thing for couples to do on their honeymoon. he showed us pictures of this couple who went when they were setting up for the epilogue scenes of the movie and they were touching the actual set pieces and i was jealous.

this is us at "platform nine and three quarters." because they are currently renovating king's cross station, this was moved from inside the station to outside. that's why the bricks are reflective. they're really just a plastic picture of a brick wall. he (our tour guide) kept apologizing about that and saying that it was so much cooler inside and that we should come back again in four years when the renovations are done and it's moved back to its original place. he also stopped these other people who wanted to take a picture so that we could take pictures first. 

so those are a few pictures. i won't get my actual wedding photos (like the professionally taken ones) until my family gets back here early september since they're bringing it with them, and i kinda wanna see how those turned out. i also want my cousin and friend to send me the pictures from their cameras because i want them.

*Dance, Dance Christa Paffgen - Anberlin


  1. omg i thought you were still engaged! Well, congratulations. You look cuteee. And i love your scarf.

  2. congratulations. the settings and decorations look beautiful, as i'm sure you were on your wedding day. tell us more about just married life! it must be exciting :]

  3. W... nope, i got married july sixth. i wrote a post or two about it a couple of weeks ago. thank you times two! :)

    P Kim... thanks! and haha that's the first thing everyone tells me. to let you in on some of the excitement, i've been sitting on the couch since nine:fifteen in my pajamas checking emails and whatnot while my husband is asleep in the bedroom. i am also currently debating whether or not to turn on the tv. thrilling stuff.

  4. hahahaha, i see the muggle shirt.

    the setting was beautiful mashallah, i like the lavender theme.

  5. mashallah, everything looks so pretty. and i'm glad you had a wonderful time, these pictures are exciting.

  6. r... lol yeah, zeyad had gotten it for me as a gift shortly before the tour so i thought i'd wear it. and thank you!

    mahoney... thank you very much. :)