Monday, August 1, 2011

i'm not giving up. no

i can make awesome pancakes. i can, really. ask my brothers who have often eaten them at our sunday best buddy club breakfasts. i think my parents may have eaten them a couple of times, too. ask them if their word holds more weight than a ten year old. or just trust me. but i can make pancakes.

yesterday we decided to make pancakes for breakfast and to put things in perspective, most of them went uneaten. see, the first problem was the oven, which is not like my oven at home. it wouldn't heat up to the right temperature and every time it did, two seconds later it seemed to change again. second problem was the pan. i dunno what was wrong with it but it was weird. third problem was that he has the weirdest spatula ever. the first couple of pancakes that i flipped got messed up, but then i got used to it and the rest looked okay.

after making the batter and making the pancakes (one by one because there was only a small pan available. guess what i'm shopping for?) we got ready to eat.

we sit down and start and oh my god it was disgusting. practically the only pancakes that were cooked all the way through were the messed up first ones. some were slightly burned (not really, but darker than the golden brown they should be) on the outside and completely raw on the inside courtesy of the temperamental stove. half were blueberry and for some reason the blueberry juice was all over the plate and made them nice and soggy. i know, yum. and a lot of those weren't cooked either.

my husband comes up with a "brilliant" idea to just bake em for a few minutes even though i said i didn't think it would work. but he did it anyway, and went to eat one and practically died from how gross it was. full from the few i had earlier, i didn't eat any baked ones.

anyway, long story short: it was a complete fiasco. but i refuse to be bested by a stupid oven and pan. i will make pancakes again in this apartment and they will be awesome. they have no other option.

*Not Givin' Up - Natasha Bedingfield


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 2, 2011 at 2:27 AM

    looool similar to my first cooking experiences after being married. its so annoying how different ovens are...they should all be the same. and OMG the tiny pans...what is wrong with guys and buying tiny pans?! lol

    one of my problems though was ending up cooking food for like 7 people when it was only hisham and i..because i was so used to doing that at home. :D

  2. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 2, 2011 at 2:28 AM

    happy ramadan btw :D i was going to text you the awesome text 3mmo fahad sent me (i txted the aunts and uncles :O omg!) but then i realized your phone probably isn't working.

  3. i know, right?? and omg every two seconds i tell zeyad, "you are just like hisham." i can't think of any instances right off the top of my head, but yeah i'm guessing it's just saudi guys living alone. oh, and i know that's gonna be a problem with me, too. yesterday zeyad cooked and he made a lot, though, so it's not just us. and when he only had the onions and garlic and stuff sauteing i was like, "that's gonna be a loot of food." and he didn't think so and i was right and he's supposed to be the cooky one.

    and happy ramadan to you too. yeah my phone is off. i'm getting a temporary. remind me to send you the number. and i didn't text them. they're gonna hate me right?? i'm planning on calling for eid, though, god help me.

  4. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 2, 2011 at 12:26 PM

    umm..i think they'll understand if you dont text them. i mean you're technically on your honeymoon..that probably gives you a few weeks or so of off time. :D

    i got a feeling of dread when you said call them for eid. i seriously panicked a little...hopefully i'll be in jeddah for eid so i wont have to call anyone. actually i'll most likely be in jeddah august 24th..when is eid?? i'm soooo incredibly ridiculously tired!

  5. eid is end of august i'm pretty sure. 29th or 30th. and how are you going to jeddah that late when you're moving back here septmber?? or are you coming here straight from jeddah??