Saturday, August 20, 2011

there are things in this world that i don't understand

you know what i don't understand? why people have double standards when it comes to books and say, anything else. for example, everyone is always shocked when someone confesses to rereading books, but it is perfectly acceptable to rewatch movies. "but... why would you read a book when you already know what's going to happen?" i am often asked. i already know what's going to happen in beauty and the beast, and yet i'll watch it every time abc family airs it. and for those that claim that the difference is that you can finish a movie in a couple of hours but finishing a book usually takes a couple of days, rewatching tv series takes longer and no one ever finds that weird.

also - and i know this point has been brought up a lot - why is it that knowing everything about a fictional world and dressing up like the characters is just about the dorkiest thing you can do, and yet knowing everything about, say sports, and dressing up like your favorite athlete is among the coolest. people's reply to this is usually that athletes are real, which i always found to be a lacking answer. knowing everything about celebrities - what they like and don't like, how they dress, where they eat and live and shop - well, that's toeing the line of stalkerdom isn't it? oh and fantasy football? um yeah, that's way less pathetic than world of warcraft.

in other news, i read a little princess yesterday. i grew up with the movies to this story, first the shirley temple one and then the other one when it came out. i thought i knew the story inside and out. apparently, i was wrong. if you don't want the book/movie ruined for you then i'd stop reading here. i understand changes like creating a war and whatnot because the added action makes the story translate better to screen. but do you know that in the book, the dad actually dies? i was not expecting that. one of the biggest parts of the movie (both of them) is at the end when sara discovers that her dad, who was presumed dead, is actually very much alive and they live happily ever after. in the book he dies and his friend comes looking for her. it was pretty anticlimactic considering what i kept expecting to happen.

oh, and yesterday i went into barnes and noble and all of the what to expect when you're expecting books were in the teen section. i found that ridiculous. and sad.

*One Thing Is For Sure -The Spill Canvas 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 20, 2011 at 1:12 PM

    rereading books for some reason has become really hard for me. like theres no anticipation theres no i end up stopping before i can even finish the first chapter...i used to be able to.

    for some reason i remember you telling me that little princess fact a while ago...did you?

    and are you serious?! in the teen section???? thats more than sad...omg

    btw i finished all three seasons of being erica...and can't wait for season 4..

  2. I love rereading a good book! :) happy I stumbled across your blog. new follower over here! (p.s. you followers button is showing up so I am going to follow using the top left!)

  3. anonymous hippopotamus... that's only because you have the two kids that probably make reading in general hard. since i'm pretty sure i just found out about a little princess yesterday, i don't think i said anything to you. i was telling you about all the grimms fairy tales, though.

    Alycia... yay! welcome to the blog. :) i dunno what's wrong with my followers button... i'll try and get it fixed.