Tuesday, August 2, 2011

there's so much time, so little to do

so i came on here this morning all set to write a post about ramadan (we started fasting yesterday. from four:forty-five to eight:twenty-one. my fasting day would be so much shorter if i was still in saudi arabia with my family.) but now i don't really remember what it was i going to write besides the fact that ramadan is here. and suddenly i have the desire to shove truckloads of food down my throat despite the fact that i'm not hungry or anything. i just want it 'cause i can't have it. my childishness has withstood marriage apparently.last night i was sitting watching a movie on tv and i came up with a brilliant post, but by the end of the movie i couldn't for the life of me remember what it was.

so i'm sitting here now with the desire and time to blog and nothing to blog about, and it hits me that this is something that happened to me all the time before the wedding craziness happened. and suddenly i'm really excited about the fact that i really have no life and lots of free time because that means that things are going back to normal. that means that the flood of endless to-do lists is calming down. it means that even after doing something as life-changing as getting married, the basics have not changed. i may be in a new house surrounded by new people, but i am still the boring anti-social hermit that i was three months ago. it's great.

i mean, yes, we do have things we need to do today, but it's more like normal errands than essential to our survival must get done immediately stuff, you know?

so in light of this sudden realization, let me tell you all about my grandma. so she calls yesterday to return my call to her after i got back from london. apparently she had lost my husband's cell number (my phone is temporarily nonexistent) but it turns out that it was right next to the phone where she thought it was, but the paper it was written on was turned over. anyway, we're talking and she suddenly goes, "oh sarah before i forget, guess where i went the other day?" she sounds super excited so i'm trying to think if she mentioned any plays she was looking forward to the last time we talked or exhibits opening or anything like that. "you'll never guess so i'll just tell you," she continues. "i went to see the last harry potter!!!" my grandma has known of my love of harry potter for years, but she has never actually read any of the books or watched any of the movies. her knowledge of the story is basically limited to the blurbs on the backs of the books and what she hears about it in the library (she's a librarian). but she was raving about the special effects and how the snow seemed to be falling on her and her friend's seat because they were sitting in the middle (she watched it in 3D and apparently the last 3D movie she saw was house of wax before she got married back a hundred years ago) and how many people were in it and the epicness of the fighting and the acting and the emotions and at the end apparently all she could think was, "no wonder sarah likes this series." i just thought it funny that she went to watch it. it really isn't what you'd expect to be something she'd like.

*Softer to Me - Relient K


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 2, 2011 at 12:30 PM

    my explanation for her watching it is: grandma is a copycat. remember how she would copy EVERYTHING i bought and how in 10th grade i ended up having the same shoes as her because she "just loved mine soo much" gah! its traumatizing having the same taste as a senior citizen..lol

    "but i am still the boring anti-social hermit that i was three months ago. it's great."<< i love this! :D

  2. i had those same shoes too! and she also copied your glasses. and actually lois and another friend of hers were going to see it and she was like usually i would have said i'll see you guys later but this time i just decided to go with them. i think cause of the whole cancer thing she wants to spend lots of time with lois, who by the way is awesome for wanting to go in the first place.

    and thanks. :)