Saturday, August 6, 2011

make up your mind and i'll make up mine

the street i live on is confused and can't decide on what its called. you see, on one sign it is hills, as in plural. it finds its power in numbers, like an army of ants. it's stretches out as far as the eye can see. it's social and believes in the collective and works well with others.

on another sign, though, it's hill minus the final s, as in single. it's a one man army and has enough strength on its own. it's solitary and important in its own right. it is an island. it is the center of attention and doesn't care what you think.

it can't quite make up its mind on which it would rather be, so at the moment it is choosing to be both. best of both worlds, and all that. we get mail addressed to both hill and hills, so we can't tell by that if one of the signs just has a typo.

an indecisive for an indecisive person to live on. i kinda like it.

it hit me yesterday that at the end of this month i'll be back in school. blech. that i do not like as much.

*Make Up Your Mind - Theory of a Deadman


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 6, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    you are weird. lol

  2. if by weird you mean bored, then yes. yes, i am. i also started knitting a scarf yesterday the size of a shawl and am halfway done with it.

  3. Poor street... it must feel so confused. Someone should go and change one of the signs to one or the other to cheer it up a bit :)