Friday, August 26, 2011

lesson learned and the wheels keep turning

it seems like the only thing on anyone's mind anymore is hurricane irene. everyone and their mother is either getting ready for her arrival or telling other people how to get ready for her arrival. so to give you all a break from the hurricane talk, let's discuss something else. namely, college and what you learn in it.

so i was watching reality bites yesterday. i love this movie, and i think the last time i watched it was in high school or something. anyway, it starts out with the main characters graduating and then hanging out on a rooftop celebrating their graduation. one character, vickie, gets really drunk, but can still recite her social security number. troy mentions how impressive that is and she says that the only thing she really learned in college was her social security number. and i have to completely agree with her.

before starting college, i couldn't tell you my social security number to save my life. then after writing it on application after application, after needing it for forms and paperwork during the entire four years i was studying, it just stuck. i could tell you my social security number if i was bitten by a bear and bleeding out. nothing else i learned during college will stick with me as well or as long as that will. i mean, sure, i learned a lot in all of my classes, but most of it was forgotten as soon as i was tested on it. what i didn't forget will either fade with time or become obsolete in a few years. but not my social security number.

think about it. what else did you learn in college? they should make it their slogan or something: go to college; learn your ssn.

in other news, i went to borders today to take advantage of their going out of business sale and got a bunch of books that i've been meaning to read forever. you know those books that were recommended to you but you never actually read because you were too busy reading the books you chose first? yeah those. and they were all ridiculously cheap. it's kinda sad, though, seeing crowds of people swarming around the store and knowing that if half of these people bought books from there before, they might not be going out of business.

*The World We Live In - The Killers


  1. anonymous hippopotamusSeptember 15, 2011 at 11:55 PM

    so i'm going through blog posts to make sure every post has a comment because I did not read through god knows how many posts for you to end up with commentless posts. lol

  2. i noticed, and yeah no internet for you makes for no comments for me.