Thursday, August 4, 2011

you were just always talking about changing, guess what i am the same man

i started this post writing about the fact that i finally watched the 90s are all that on teen nick last night and how it was awesome and slightly sad at the same time. and kenan was so young! i mean, they all were, but he's the one i see the most these days and he was hosting the thing so we kept seeing him all grown up and facial haired and then we'd see him in all that and he was a baby. seriously. the post started to drag so i deleted it but still wanted to let you guys know that i miss 90s television.

anyway, i've been thinking about making a change (because, you know, getting married isn't a big enough change for me). see, i was talking to my cousins before i left saudi arabia and they were convincing me to get a new haircut (i have had the same hair style for as long as i can remember) since i'm married. it was apparently the first thing my cousin did and she said it was such an amazing feeling. they just about convinced me to cut bangs at my next haircut until a couple of days ago when i was thinking about it and realized that bangs can get really annoying and i just don't think i want them. she was also saying that her friend got a pet immediately after she was married and i should do that since i've always wanted a rabbit. that was an exciting idea for about three seconds until i decided that i like the idea of a pet rabbit more than i'd really like the actual pet. at least right now. it's just too much work that i don't feel like dealing with at the moment. plus, i want to be able to just get up and go on a spontaneous road trip without having to worry about who's going to take care of my pets. i mean, sure, i probably won't be going on many spontaneous road trips, but i want the option

so i got to thinking that maybe the problem isn't that bangs are annoying and pets are a lot of work. maybe it's just that i really do have an aversion to change that's too strong. maybe  i want to stay the same a little bit too much? to test out this theory, i am trying to think of a change that i won't have a million doubts about, but i'm coming up blank. maybe i will just go chop up my hair (every time i decide to do this though i remember my older sister cutting bangs a few years ago and absolutely hating it, plus, i'm not sure how i'd look with bangs seeing as the last time i had them i was five). ideas for changes? 

*Changing - Airborne Toxic Event


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 4, 2011 at 3:05 PM

    DO NOT CUT BANGS! put layers in your hair, highlight your hair, cut it shoulder length, shave your head, dye it all bright orange but DO NOT under any circumstances get bangs!!! trust me you will HATE it, and it takes almost forever to grow out...just don't do it...really dont..

    and which cousin did it? i agree with her that getting a new haircut can be an amazing feeling...but not bangs unless you're willing to deal with the headache of them.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 4, 2011 at 3:40 PM

    oh! I wanted to tell you.. i started watching this abcfamily show called switched at birth. and at first i was like eh.. its okay. then i was like man that girl sounds familiar..turns out shes april from gilmore girls...shes VERY pretty. but its a pretty cool show with a lot of familiar faces..thought i'd recommend it although i dunno if you guys get abcfamily.

    did you notice i almost always comment in two comments? haha kind of funny.

    i suddenly got a craving to go to CPK with you..weird!

  3. kholoud got the haircut but they were saying that i should cut my hair like fatenah's: straight across bangs and layered in te front. i've done the layered in the front thing and those recently grew out, but i haven't had bangs in forever.

    and omg when that show was first being advertised last year i was telling everyone who would listen that if you were still in the country you would watch it. i'm so awesome. and yeah i saw her in a few things post gilmore girls and she always plays either an orphan or someone with one parent or switched parents or whatever. the girl needs a nice stable tv family for once. and we do have abcfamily. and mmmm fooooood. when you get back here then we'll do cpk. we also have to do chilis or something (with hisham) cause i said the first time i get fajitas i'll invite him.

  4. Nononononono to bangs... Just my opinion >>

  5. hmm i'm thinking i should put of getting bangs then. maybe forever.

  6. you could always cut your hair without cutting your bangs, y'know?

  7. yeah but i've done the layers thing so it wouldn't be new. and i don't wanna cut it short because i think i'd have a heart attack and die.

  8. The only thing with bangs is they are a pain in the backside... I'll be honest - I have a fringe - and when I cut it, I love it... But for that time in between, I hate it soooo much. It hangs in my eyes and gets in the way until I cut it back again - which I can't do too often

  9. yeah that's what i'm worried about. that time between when i cut them and they grow back out.