Thursday, August 25, 2011

fill their heads with rumors of impending doom, it must be true

hurricanes and earthquakes and floods, oh my.

with the natural disasters coming at us like a swarm of mosquitos by a lake on the first day of summer, it's hard to deny the cold hard facts: the world is ending. you can close your eyes, shove your fingers in your ears, and sing yankee doodle at the top of your lungs all you want, but it doesn't change anything. we're witnessing the final act in this play of life. the curtain is getting ready to close and the actors are thinking about where to go for dinner after the final bow is made and the last of the make up wiped off. that's it, people, it's all done.

you know who i blame? nasa. or whoever it was that took away pluto's claim to planetship. it was five years ago yesterday that pluto was demoted from planet to orbiting space rock, and it's obvious that earth has not been taking the demotion too well. were there floods and earthquakes destroying countries every time you blinked when pluto was a planet? no. were there wars breaking out like acne on a teenager (not my best metaphor, but just go with it)? no. were there award shows where twilight beat harry potter in every category? definitely not.

there are sharks swimming in streets, people revolting over spilled milk, and lady gaga is getting more famous as you read this. and don't forget about the mass animal suicides earlier this year. i mean, now they're not such a mystery; they were just getting a head start on all of this.

now, if you're like me, then you really haven't accomplished anything worthwhile in your life, and any chances you might have had are never gonna reach you what with none of us existing in a few weeks time. so leave the fame and notoriety to disney stars, justin bieber, and stephenie meyer and spend your last few days doing something really worthwhile. when hurricane irene hits us this weekend, i, for one, will have no regrets about wasted time. for example, yesterday while watching doug, skeeter mentioned that one of the important things he learned as a bluff scout was how to keep your cereal crunchy, even in milk. i think spending the last days of my life trying to figure this out would be a great use of my time.

what are you going to do while the world falls to pieces around you?

*Losing Touch - The Killers


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 25, 2011 at 6:37 PM

    i HATE,no ABHOR this post...

  2. the shark...? that would've stopped my heart.
    my friend it7ajabat bc she really believes the world is ending. i feel like maybe now we're old enough to read the news so the events that have always been happening are actually registering with us now.

  3. The world's been ending for longer than that. Am just sorta waiting for the new world order in 2012 :p

  4. i think i'll sit around and lament the fact that i haven't attended enough shows to fill up my happy tank just for that day. / it's the killers lyric you put up, makes me miss them all the more. and i need to see them before the world ends! along with the strokes, of course. my darlings..

    it's weird, i never had that accomplishment urge. although when i read or hear stuff about people like anderson cooper ( watch/read this and you will feel like your existence is a waste) that accomplish so much i do feel a tiny pang in my gut. but the feeling quickly ends as soon as it starts. when i was younger i always hoped that i'd finally feel that urge to accomplish and feel accomplished. but as i've grown older all i really want from this life is to feel happiness for more than just a couple hours. i don't want the feeling to fade away as quickly as Cinderella's enchantment does at the strike of midnight. i could even settle with being content, but i really want to feel happiness. i don't want it to be a passing feeling.

    the world has been gloomy for some time but i hope it doesn't end soon, i'd like to think i have some time to "change (my) stars and live a better life than I have."

    to answer your question though: i'll be in bed, watching movies and listening to music, living off a wack sleep schedule, and delving deeper into not-so-friendly feelings.

  5. and i'd like a post or two from Razan before the world ends, y'hear?

  6. r.: i know! and whoever was taking the picture was close enough to reach out and touch it. i would have been running/swimming in the opposite direction. and i dunno... all these natural disasters happening at once have everyone pretty surprised, as do the revolutions popping up like weeds. i think things just started happening when we got old enough to follow them.

    Hannah: yeah it's pretty much been ending since it was created.

    Mahoney: can i just say that i love your long comments? since i have yet to go to a single concert, maybe i should add that to my list to do before i die. the killers would be a good one.

    i think a lot of the time with me it's more of a i want to want to be accomplished. i really do want to get something published though, but it's more of just to validate myself to me and justify the hours i wasted writing. i've actually decided that i'm not too big a fan of happiness. sounds emo, but it just seems like such a frivolous emotion to me now. contentment is good, though. oh, and my dad abhors anderson cooper and listening to him rant about him forever i think imparted some of his feelings to me. i don't hat the guy, but i'm not particularly fond of him either. and now i feel inferior to him, too.

    a knight's tale reference! i love that movie. i also approve of how you'll spend your time lol.

    oh, and razan... i agree with maha.

  7. i'm glad someone enjoys those listless words. and yes, you must see the killers when they start touring! in fact, i'll let you know if they ever come near our area. in the meantime go check out all the concerts that are happening and maybe you'll see a band that you'd like to see, go for it the world is ending!