Wednesday, August 17, 2011

can i say that there's something wrong with this place?

the winner of the next food network star, jeff something or other, has his first show coming up, so obviously the channel is flooded with commercials about it. he's a sandwich guy and his new show is called the sandwich king. i'm sure it will be an awesome show, but i hate watching the commercial. see, jeff is one of those people that says "samwich" instead of "sandwich" and it absolutely kills me. i was slightly surprised by this because a few people close to me say samwich and while it can bug me once and a while, it doesn't annoy me anywhere near the way it does when jeff says it. maybe because it's on tv? maybe because i hear it repeatedly? i dunno... but if he ever mentions sandwiches in his show - which, being a sandwich show is pretty likely - i dunno if i could watch it.

in other news, i applied for graduation the other day and then for some reason decided to check graduation evaluation or whatever it's called when i looked at which classes i've taken and how many credits i have left. technically, it should say that i have everything completed. only, it didn't. it's a new program and is still changing, but for some reason they replace the old catalog instead of adding a new one. so when i started there was a class that was a requirement that switched to an elective and an elective that switched to a requirement. so that is missing. there is also a class that switched its course number. they were supposed to deal with this, but they didn't, so that class is missing too. my advisor said to fill out these forms and get them submitted asap to get the paperwork done before my application for graduation is processed and rejected. i try, and the person that i'm supposed to give them to is not going to be in the office until at least next week. this may not seem like a long time, but i have heard horror stories about my school's ability to process stuff close to graduation. i know of several people who had to push back their graduation. i really don't want to do that. i cannot drag out this master's degree longer than i have. i want it over with. 

*Do It Alone - Sugarcult


  1. so... when i went to college, a topic people loved to discuss was my 'accent'.
    you know i was born and raised in the US, but I have a foreigner's accent because of ISA. namely i over-pronounce my 'T's and 'S's, and stress the incorrect syllables. Anyways, 'sandwich' was one of the words that people used to make fun of my pronunciation. Apparently I say a soft version of the fob pronunciation: ' 9unda-wish '.

    imagine if i had a sundawish show.


  3. hmm i'm trying to remember you saying sandwich, but i can't. the ISA accent, though, i am all too familiar with. my mom likes to make fun of the way we speak, especially the t's. i feel like i went into ISA to try and learn two languages and came out without really knowing either very well. but yes, definitely yay jeff... except for his sandwich pronunciation.