Tuesday, August 16, 2011

look at this stuff. isn't it neat?

i have been slacking on anything and everything that requires writing recently (like emailing and blogging and whatnot). i have something i want to write, but for some reason i just can't or won't, so whenever i go to write something else, my mind shuts down and my energy drains and i come up with a million different things i have to do and a million different reasons why i shouldn't reply to that email right now.

because of this temporary handicap of mine, here are a bunch of things online that i found cool/interesting/time-wasting and thought i'd share instead of writing a real post.

[one] you've all heard of the generation gap that seems to wedge its way between us and our parents and skew any form of communication that tries to make its way across. watch these videos of artists trying to explain their work to their parents.

[two] if you're like me, you grew up watching (or at least knowing about) the little rascals and know alfalfa and darla and their love story. here's a picture of them all grown up in case you've wondered what they look like now.

[three] i have yet to watch any of the star wars movies. people kept telling me to, and i kept planning on it, but it just hasn't happened yet. and i am not alone. watch this video of the star wars plot by someone who has never seen the movie, but picked up bits and pieces from pop culture.

[four] i don't have an iphone so i'm not one of the zillion of people devoted to instagram, but most people i know are and don't miss the chance to tell me how great it is or show me all of the pictures on their phone. i thought this was cool. it's a minibook made up of fifty of your instagram photos, and two books are only twelve dollars. if you want to hold any of your pictures in your hand, you might want to check it out.

[five] i think this is super awesome. it's a foldable table that acts as a piece of art to hang on your wall for storage. it's really cool, and i want one.

[six] number gossip is a site that will tell you all you want to know (and probably a bunch of stuff you don't care about) about whatever number you put in.

[seven] this is called the book of numbers. it's completely pointless, and i don't know why it's called the book of numbers, but i couldn't stop clicking to the next page to see the next animation. it was one of those things where all i wanted to do was stop, but i just couldn't close it.

*Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid


  1. i really enjoyed your first link to the artists explaining their work to their parents. the last video said the most about the relationship between the son and his father and how that might interfere with the father grasping the idea of the art his son produces. it's what i was hoping to see when i clicked the link to these videos. the second video about the photographer was entertaining as well. all three videos showcased different relationships and how easy or difficult it can be for a parent to understand, appreciate, and support what their children do.
    point is, thanks for the link.

  2. no problem. i'm glad you enjoyed it. and yeah the last video was definitely what i had originally thought most of them would be like.