Thursday, July 28, 2011

the sun is out

you know what i miss about london? its weather. i mean, sure, we had some days that were ridiculously cold for summer or even spring. there was rain one second and sun the next and there was really no point in trying to dress for the weather because every time we blinked it was different. and yes, i did leave with a cold that i'm attributing to the changing weather. but still, it was so nice there, and the last couple of days were absolutely beautiful. and then we come back to the wonderful dc and its lovely heat wave and i never want to move from in front of my air conditioner again. yesterday evening it was a hundred and four degrees outside. how is that even legal? i mean, if people have sued termites for eating their houses and whatnot, why has no one started a case against the sun for cooking humanity?

you know what else i miss? at every crosswalk, painted on the street right by the curb, were the words "look left" or "look right." i'm not sure why exactly i fell so in love with that idea, but after a lifetime of being told to look both ways before crossing the street this just seemed so much better.

other small things that were different were: stop lights turn yellow before both red and green instead of just red, they have tkmaxx instead of tjmaxx, and their soft serve ice cream is a lot creamier/heavier/whatever than ours (but still awesome).

anyway, i'm going to continue to sit here in the air conditioned apartment and convince myself that since we got so much stuff yesterday i do not have to enter the heat ever again. i'll go outside when fall gets here.

*Dear Prudence - The Beatles


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 28, 2011 at 10:39 AM

    im trying to think where it was that the traffic lights turn yellow before green and red...and the only places ive been in the past 5 months are khobar and tokyo. and i havent been driving in tokyo so i have concluded it was khobar. i found it amazing to have it turn yellow before smart especially for saudi drivers who don't understand how to drive.

    oh and i love the last paragraph...:'( i dont want to go back to khobar and the heat and imprisonment. :'( i hate saudi arabia.

    umm oh and we started being happy for each other when we turned old. i am freaking practically 30. :D

  2. really? i didn't notice that when we were over there. and you're leaving khobar in a month. you'll miss it when you get back here.

    ew to being almost thirty. ew ew ew. let's go back to playing doctor to trees.

  3. 30 is miles away.. i get called old for being 20 in november ><

    and is it really that much better over here? I may never want to leave ukland again.... though i do love sharm-el-sheik :p

  4. lol anyplace is better when all you have to do is go around and have fun all day, but it really is nice over there. and i really really really do miss the weather. i think you should try coming out to dc for a vacation sometime, though, and compare them for yourself. :)

  5. anonymous hippopotamusJuly 29, 2011 at 11:06 AM

    i saw this :

    and it made me think of a topic you would write about in your blog... haha