Thursday, June 30, 2011

always got something to do, someone to be seeing, somewhere to be dancing, i'm a weak human being

so i pretty much suck at this whole taking you guys with me on the final leap to this marriage. in my defense, my days are crammed full of errands and family visits and boys' homework and swimming and a million other things. there are times i don't get home or get a chance to just sit in my room and relax until after one. by then, i'm way too tired to worry about coherency in a blog post so i read a bit and fall asleep. at the moment, i am ditching my aunt's retirement party to sit at home in my pajamas and catch up on my internet life. i feel kinda bad, but even as i walked in the door at ten i was ready to fall into bed. i don't think i could have made it through the whole party anyway.

to fill you all in on these last minute wedding plans, aside from meeting with the dj person saturday night (it annoys me how nothing can happen when the sun's out here) i'm pretty much done. photographer has been chosen and coordinated with, the flowers for my hair have been bought, dj person has been chosen and paid, and i can't remember what else i did but all the loose ends are falling into place. this wedding has been one of my greatest products of procrastination. it's on wednesday (eek!) and most of the details and plans were set over the course of the past couple of days. who said that the last minute can't be used for everything?

on a completely different note, the street in front of/next to my house is flooded with cars, and has been for the past week or so. see, in our culture when someone dies we hold what's called a 'aza which is basically three nights where everyone comes to give their condolences. a few days ago, one of our neighbors died. we had three nights of craziness on the street has hordes of people came to pay their respect. the three days finished the day before yesterday. yesterday, another three days started because the dead dude's wife died. i feel like there's a great story in this (a few, actually), but i don't have the time or energy to write any of them out or even flesh them out much in my head. i'll leave it up to you to write the romance, the mystery, the horror, and whatever other version you can think of.

*Procrastination - Amy Winehouse

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