Saturday, June 25, 2011

see, i don't know what to say

today was so productive that i'm half expecting to wake up in a minute with a to-do list a mile long and should've-could'ves tangled into my hair. it really can't be a real day in my life. not only did i spend hours lazing around reading (i finished a book and a half. go me. i'm usually a slow summer reader.) and swimming, but i also helped my brothers with a big chunk of their summer homework and spent time with the family. i also got the flowers, my bouquet, stage-thingy (if you're not familiar with saudi weddings then this might sound ridiculous), tables, and finger foods for the guests dealt with. i chose the cake. i got my wedding hair and make-up settled. and by "i" i totally mean that my parents (and a couple of cousins for a couple of things) were doing most of the work and i was along for the ride. duh.

oh, and we got internet. excitement. (could someone explain how my sister who shares a wall with me and my parents who are right across the hall have perfect connection in their rooms and i have one measly faltering bar in mine? this happens every summer, and i just don't get it.)

but the real story of this post happened yesterday. my parents, uncle, three cousins, and i (yeah, we were like an army of totally unnecessary people) went to the hotel that my wedding is being held at to see the hall/ballroom thing. while we were there, the dude showing us around was like, "wanna see the suite?" and so we were like, "um, okay, sure. why not?" so he takes us to the fourth floor and starts knocking on the door and this saudi guy dressed in what amounts to underwear and an undershirt here opens it. there were a bunch of very confused looks exchanged when the hotel guy tells us that there were no empty rooms but we can look at his. um, awkward much? so my dad and uncle barge in like they own the place and after a couple of minutes i get dragged in to see it. all i remember was that the guy had a tray with his dinner on the bedroom floor and the tv turned on to some action movie. he was trying to be nice about it and saying stuff like the room is big and the hotel is nice, but inside he was probably wishing we'd get some consideration and leave him alone. let me just say, if a caravan of random strangers showed up at my hotel room and asked to look around, i would not be as nice as he was. doors would most likely just be slammed in faces.

oh, and i just wasted the past twenty minutes trying to find a song for this title. my summer playlist, though absolutely amazing, has nothing, and my mind refuses to look past the completely random twenty odd songs that i've been listening to on repeat.

*I Don't Know What to Say - The Magnetic Fields


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 25, 2011 at 8:13 PM

    i HATE ksa.

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJune 25, 2011 at 8:14 PM

    oh but congrats on finally having a bunch of the wedding preps settled. i know thats probably a lot of stress off your shoulders.

  3. O.o

    poor suite guy. (pun intendeddddd)

    also, i'd like some pictures of this cake and stufff

  4. anonymous hippopotamusJune 27, 2011 at 12:13 AM one can see the cake and stuff until the day of. duh! who do you think you are r? lol thats funny...are r... :D

    oh and i love "suite guy" funny stuff :)

  5. You must take loads of photos before people start scoffing their faces :p And put them all up here or summin. I be a nosy sod :p

    And it must be a relief having sorted out so much. How much left to go? (or dare not think about it?) You certainly seem to be far more productive than I am :p

  6. anon hippo... i know you do. i find it kinda funny (not haha funny) cause you were the one who always wanting to move here.

    r... that was the best pun i've heard in a long time. and i will post pictures as soon as i get them. mostly i've just been pointing to stuff in catalogs.

    Hannah... i will post a bunch of pictures up here and also have a facebook album as soon as i get a chance after the wedding. there's surprisingly not much left to do thanks to the productive people around me that can spur me into action when i'm more prone to procrastinate.