Thursday, June 16, 2011

come tomorrow, tomorrow i'll be gone

so tonight is the last night i'll probably ever sleep in this bed. do you know how completely insane that is? i love this bed with all my heart. it's my place, you know? i study on my bed, sit for hours on the computer on it, read, eat, watch tv, play board games, paint, sew... you name it and it gets done here. and tonight's the last night of it being mine.

also, we were at 5 below this afternoon (sorta like a dollar store if you don't know it) and they had these books for one and two dollars, and, well, you know how i am with books. usually they just have things like world encyclopedias and trivia books about elvis and the beatles, but they had this whole collection of young adult novels and one had a quote by judy blume on the back. who could resist a book that judy blume claimed she couldn't put down? not me, that's for sure. so i bought it and just finished it. you know when you read a book that's good but you just should not have read it? like, you are not in the right emotional state to make friends with those characters and live through those experiences and have the story haunt your mind, and it may be a really great book but reading it was just a very big mistake? yeah. this was one of those times.

anyway, we're leaving for the desert tomorrow. (why does it feel like i blinked, and when i opened my eyes a year had passed?) i'm not gonna have internet tomorrow, but i should probably have when i get there. and then you guys can all follow along on the hectic final three weeks or so leading up to my wedding. won't that be fun?

random side note: have you guys ever watched boy meets world? you know when topanga and cory break up after the school ski trip and shawn says that it's been raining for seven days because god is crying over the fact that the perfect couple he created are no longer together? it's pouring like crazy outside right now and that's the first thing that popped into my head. i'm not exactly sure why, but there it is.

*Save Tonight - Eagle Eye Cherry


  1. Cory is a dweeb. And that's the show I got the word "dweeb" from. Or it might have been Saved by the Bell.

    Oh man, life-changing experiences! Have a safe trip to the desert!

  2. omg Sarah, have a safe trip, and make sure you write about anything and everything because i neeeeed to know.

    also i think the sky's crying tears of joy for the perfect couple that's about to be :0 oh yeah. i got corny lines tooo.

    good luck :)