Saturday, June 11, 2011

lying to yourself doesn't make it easier

recently, a bunch of people have been telling me that blogging regularly is hard. in light of that, and seeing how i blog semi-regularly, or regularlry enough, this means i obviously was given some special gift at birth that makes me amazingly awesome. and being the generous person that i am, i have decided to share this gift with you. here are all my secrets on how to blog regularly. you see, the problem most of you are probably facing is that you're confusing blogging well with just, well, blogging. you don't have to have some really cool thing to say in each blog post, or really anything to say at all. you don't have to have the perfect words. all you have to do is sit at the keyboard and let your brain throw up onto the screen. in a good way. take whatever mindless thought is collecting dust in the corner of your mind or whatever pointless thing you did or did not do that day, and dedicate an entire post to it. give it its undeserving fifteen minutes of fame. i mean, obviously don't just laundry list the whole thing up, but give it life.

i find it funny that i started this post two days ago. i honestly can't remember what other mindless drivel i was going to add to my list of "secrets," so i'm just going to leave it at that. at least for now.

moving on. the past couple of days have been entirely devoted to my cousin, his wife, and his two kids who were all stopping by our area on their way to florida where the wife is going to study. five minutes away from disney world and orlando studios. meaning harry potter world. the unfairness of this is killing me. anyway, back to the past couple of days. they were all about them. when they were at our house, my day was filled with playing with the kids, talking to the wife, helping the cousin get paperwork in order. when they were off at offices getting scholarship stuff taken care of, i was just sitting around waiting for them to come back. and now they're gone. and there's an empty suitcase waiting to be packed and a house that looks like ground zero of an earthquake that was hit by a tornado and then used as a playpen for thing one and thing two that should probably be cleaned. and there are no more distractions to keep me away from either.

i really don't feel like packing. i really, really don't feel like cleaning. and i hate the fact that ignoring them won't make them do themselves. and i hate that pretending they're not here won't make them go away. and yet, i'll just sit on the computer and not look past the fifteen inch screen and pretend that the room is cleaned and my stuff packed.

this post is in desperate need of direction.

*3 Little Words - Frankmusik


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 11, 2011 at 10:37 PM

    hehe i like the randomness of this post soo much :D

  2. i do envy your consistency
    i started doing
    we'll see how it goes :]

  3. anon hippo... thanks. :)

    P Kim... i have the worst record with sites like that. i tried doing and kept it up for about three days. now, i just get the daily email reminding me to write my page that makes me feel just enough guilt to do nothing. i think i put too much pressure on myself to write something amazing there, while this is more just a brain dump. good luck, though!

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