Thursday, June 2, 2011

everybody knows you're a liar

remember a few years back when the harry potter people announced that they would be splitting the seventh book into two movies? sure they claimed it was because the seventh book was just oh so important they didn't want to cut anything out of it, but everyone knew the real reason. with a movie franchise that successful, they just didn't want to see it end. they wanted to drag it out as long as possible, to suck out every dollar they could from us, before they had to throw in the towel. and with harry potter, it seemed to work. there was enough content in the book to make the split, fans don't really mind putting off the end, and we can all almost pretend that they truly did do it just to give us the best ending of the series they possibly could. almost.

then twilight comes along and everyone starts babbling about how it's the next harry potter. it gets its movie deal, starts doing well at the box office, and suddenly they look at harry potter, realize they could probably make more money, and decide, "well, hey, this fourth book could not possibly be one movie. it's like two complete different books in one." uh, no. i honestly don't think they'll be able to successfully pull off their one book - two movie stunt. not that i have anything against twilight, but what are they going to do? have one entire movie with bella getting married and then sitting on the couch dying then "giving birth" and another movie dedicated to the non-fight that took up way too long in the book? it just doesn't make sense. but they're doing it, and they'll make their money, and that is that.

then the hunger games starts gaining popularity. it's suddenly the new twilight which was the new harry potter making thg the newest harry potter. the movie deal comes along and they seem to be taking it all seriously. they have the author writing the script and seem to be getting actors that are invested in the franchise. it's all good and dandy. they watch the bajillion fans whine and cry and fight over each new cast member and fake leak of the script and they laugh at the stupidity of the teeny boppers. and then, before the first movie even really starts filming, they announce that they're going to have to make the trilogy into a four movie franchise. um, what? talk about counting your chickens before they hatch. how do they even know it's going to be successful enough to be worth the added movie? how could they possibly need another movie? there are three roughly 300 pg books, where would they get enough stuff going on for another full length movie? where would they even split the books up? or are they going to do some prequel/sequel thing that has nothing really to do with the books? whichever, i think it's getting a bit ridiculous.

the movie industry needs to realize that we're really not that stupid. sure, i've gone to see book adaptations and lamented the cut of some of my favorite book parts, but i got it. it's something you have to do to switch it to movie format. suddenly deciding that a movie series making (or hoping to make) lots of money can't be cut, claiming that "they're doing it for the fans," does not fool us. it's all about the money. even if all three series come out with an amazing extra movie, even if i get out of each one thinking that splitting the books was the greatest decision ever made, the very fact that they can't just come out and say why they're really doing the split will still annoy me.

moral of the story: stop comparing things to harry potter or they will have more movies than books.

***UPDATE: just in case you guys don't read other people's comments, watch this. it's hilarious.

*Lying Through Your Teeth - Head Automatica



    Enough said :p

  2. ahahaha i think that was the funniest thing i've seen all week! i love the onion so much.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusJune 3, 2011 at 11:53 PM

    loool i love it!

  4. :D Someone else has heard about the onion :p

    I showed someone that over skype... they went into a massive rant about film franchises and how it was getting ridiculous.... I let them go on for about half an hour before breaking the news that the onion is satirical news and not the real deal.

    Mind you, back in school, I had someone approach me in the IT room while watching the ep about the macbook wheel.... They got all excited, wanting one and were raving about apple....

    And then there was the close range game, and they even created the demo for it. I had people left right and centre getting hyped up over it :p

  5. anonymous hippopotamusJune 4, 2011 at 2:52 PM

    I had a friend get excited about the macbook wheel too and then they decided it wasn't very practical but apple was still awesome and so creative....then i told them it wasn't real needless to say they were incredibly embarrassed. :D

  6. Hannah...lool i love it when people don't realize that the onion isn't real news. i've had people use it to support their argument on some serious topics and i'm just like uhhhh... no.

    anon hippo... i remember that! or, at least i think i do. 3azeeza right?

  7. anonymous hippopotamusJune 5, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    yuuup! lol