Tuesday, June 14, 2011

we were young and stupid. do you remember that?

i think my generation is mostly stupid. i can say this because i belong to their group. looking past their general lack of what used to be common sense only is not so common anymore, their inability to have any perspective on anything, their big dreams and little action, and their general destruction of the english language, i'm going to talk about the fact that a lot of them tend to be pretentious hypocrites. while this may be true in many areas of life, let's talk about the most superficial, shall we? justin bieber. (wow, i feel kind of stupid because i had to google how to spell his last name. i keep spelling it ei instead of ie)

anyway, the people of my generation are so loud about how much they hate everything, namely justin bieber. (this post could really be about a million other things. we have some obnoxious people in this generation of ours. yeah yeah i can be pretty loud too, i know. add my name to list of obnoxiousness.) he's an awful singer, he's overrated, and he's destroying music.  okay, you're all entitled to your opinion and everything, but shut up already, won't you? no, i'm not saying this because i'm a huge fan of his. i honestly have no real opinion on him. while i never seek out any of his songs, hearing them does not put me in a homicidal rage. you know why? cause i have this little thing called dignity. (haha for the purpose of this post let's just pretend.)

remember a few years back what we were obsessing over with all of the fanaticism kids now devote to bieber? *nsync and backstreet boys. people were divided into one of three groups: nsync groupies, bsb groupies, or the people who pretended to hate them both because they thought it made them look cool but were really huge fans of both. (i mean come on, you know all the lyrics to all the songs and you want me to believe you don't like them? even if you do recite them mockingly, i'm just not buying it.) you would fight to the death for whatever group you belonged in. while i liked both bands (and still do), i was a bsb girl myself.

anyway, with the generation ahead of ours listening to music like the violent femmes, the smiths, and depeche mode (all great bands by the way) do you think they were very psyched to suddenly have pop boy bands take over the world? no, probably not. but do you remember them spending hours bashing them online (ignore the fact that "online" didn't exist the way it does now)? did they ever get into arguments with people ten years younger than them over taste in music (i've seen this a lot)? did they spend so much time obsessing over something that they claimed they hated? no. because it's just a waste of time and a sign that you are in desperate need of a life.

if you want to take part in bieber bashing, find a fanatic fan your age and have at it because arguing with a kid you could babysit just makes you look pathetic. better yet, get a map to the high road and try taking a walk down it. along the way, you may find a stand or two selling lives. feel free to pick one up. you don't like justin beiber? great, don't listen to him. but let the people who enjoy him enjoy him without your long-winded rants about "good music" and how kids these days are stupid and deaf.

*I Still - Backstreet Boys


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 14, 2011 at 4:32 PM

    i before e except after c and words that go "aye" like neighbor and eight. :P i still remember it from 4th grade. and i still have the image of miss mazzaglia telling it to us and EVEN the smell of the classroom lol

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJune 14, 2011 at 4:36 PM

    haha you mispelled bieber in the last paragraph :D

    and u're only a bsb girl because of me :P :P :P

  3. our rule was i before e except after c, whenever the sound produced is "ee" to allow for words like weird as well as neighbour :p

    And Bieber is blatantly a girl :p

  4. anonymous hippopotamusJune 15, 2011 at 4:44 AM

    our rule totally beats your rule...ours rhymes! lol ;)

  5. anonymous hippopotamus... lol i still use that rule too! i remember you coming home and telling it to us and thinking you were all that and a bag of chips, but names rarely follow the rules.

    and i originally had a whole part about how we really had no choice but to be bsb girls because of you, but it got too long so i took it out.

    Hannah... but... neighbor isn't pronounced "ee". now i'm trying to think of how to say it in a british accent and i still don't hear the "ee" lol. oh, and we learned that weird was weird and didn't follow the rules since ours doesn't address it.

  6. No- whenever the sound produced is ee - so if the word has an ee sound, the rule works as i before e except after c. other sounds like aye or air don't sound like ee so are usually the other way - their, neighbour, weird etc