Wednesday, June 8, 2011

maybe you're crazy

so i woke up yesterday all geared to write a post (or think of a post to write) when i notice that i have eighteen new email messages in my inbox. due to the fact that a, i check my email compulsively, and b, i'm really not that popular (shocking, right? i know! i was pretty surprised myself.) this is not a common occurrence. what is even rarer is that, in front of my own eyes it jumped to twenty in like three minutes. i obviously went to check my email first and much to my surprise, they were all blog comments. i start reading through them and apparently my sister had taken it upon herself to make sure that every single post every written on my blog had at least one comment. every. single. post. now, keep in mind that this is the sister that lives halfway across the world and sits alone at home with two kids under three all day. she really doesn't have loads off free time on her hands. also take into account that i have over five hundred and eighty posts on this thing, ramble on about pointless crap at times, and no one knew the blog existed for the first couple of months, meaning lots of posts with no comments. overall, it's a pretty daunting task to take on. but insanity seems to run in my family alongside the brown hair and eyes, and she did it. we went shopping for hours for stuff for my cousins (who, by the way, said that they didn't want us to bring them anything until two nights ago when they suddenly decide they want the entire mall please and thank you.) and when we came back, i was still getting emails about new blog comments. it really was crazy. but also awesome. and so, here's your acknowledgement and recognition. yay you.

on a completely unrelated note (actually it has to do with my other sister so it's slightly related i guess) my younger sister has always had a problem with how i walk. or, at least for a very long time. my last year of undergrad she would always be telling me, "you swing your arm too much when you walk. stop it." eventually, she got used to it or i stopped or something, but she stopped commenting and we both forgot about it. until a couple of weeks ago. she and i made this graduation gift basket for a friend and drove all the way to campus to give it to him and do you know how he thanked me? when i was leaving he told my sister that i walked like an idiot (something to do with my swinging arm. gosh, people, i really can't control it). and so now, whenever i walk with her (which is a lot let me tell you) she says, "wow, sarah, you walk like an idiot" or "can you please stop walking like a idiot?" so thanks for that, ash. i dunno if you still read this, but whatever, thanks anyway. (just to clarify, though, i actually wasn't insulted or offended or anything. i thought it was pretty funny.)

*Crazy - Gnarls Barkley


  1. Amazing post...Thanks for sharing such informative blog...

  2. anonymous hippopotamusJune 8, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    umm ok weird comment...

    anways... back to my comment. i'm awesome! :D

    and you swing your arm??? really?? they're all idiots for even noticing something like that...i mean seriously? i have never noticed you ever swinging your arm. double weird. :S

    and lastly i. am. awesome. hehe

  3. lol yeah i've always swung my arm. well, not always. i sometimes swing my arm. but only when i'm really not thinking about it at all.

  4. Sarah, you're being way too easy on yourself. You started walking like 10 minutes before we did, you were kind of crawling along at 0.00005 miles per hour, you had your head tilted all the way to one side, and you were swinging your arm. And I say this confidently with a mouthful of cotton candy and with my Dr. Seuss book in hand! Yes, I still read this! Hahahahahaha

  5. like i told anisah, i had started walking back towards center for the arts (the way we had come) until i realized that our car was in the other direction and had to double back (so i guess that in itself might make me an idiot). and lol my head was tilted all the way to one side? i don't remember that. but yay for cotton candy and dr. seuss.