Sunday, June 5, 2011

has it really been that long? and how did we get so old?

so my family and i went to a picnic today at my brothers' school, which was also the school that my sisters and i went to for most of our grade school career. it was super fun, despite the fact that most of us woke up in the morning not in the mood to go. a good chunk of the day (like three out of the five hours we were there) were spent sitting with a group of guys, most of whom were in eleventh grade but a couple were in their first year of college. anyway, they were really fun to hang out with. guys are always fun to hang out with, they're just so much more relaxed than girls. except when they start to "fall in love with you" and then things just get awkward and annoying. these guys were not stupid, though, and it was fun.

before we joined them, though, i saw this kid that i thought might be someone who graduated with me, but i wasn't sure. i asked my sister if she knew who he was and she was like, "he kinda looks like (i'm gonna call him Guy for the sake of this post, okay?) Guy, but..." "but if Guy ate a whale for breakfast, right?" "exactly." before we could go ask him if he was Guy, though, he disappeared. so we did the next best thing and went to my old math teacher to ask her. "he looks kinda like him, but that guy's fat and bald. there's no way he's only twenty three," she said. we sat with her talking for a while when the dude walks right by us. my math teacher calls out, "Guy?" and he's like, "yeah! i saw you earlier but thought you didn't remember me so i didn't come say hi." she goes off on the usual how are you, how's school, how's the family, blah blah blah while my sister and i were busy trying to pick our jaws up from the ground. he leaves and my teacher goes, "wow. he really let himself go." understatement of the century.

anyway, despite the fact that none of you know the guy which makes this a pretty pointless story, i felt that it needed to be told because it just shows how old i've gotten. forget the fact that the second graders i used to substitute are now tenth graders running around in packs trying to attract the guys that were also running around in packs. ignore the fact that most of the people i used to know at the school are either graduated or dead. look over the fact that the annoying little kids that were on my bus are now bigger than me. guys from my graduating class are being mistaken for old, fat, balding men. when/how/why did this happen?! thank god i'm still being mistaken for a fourteen to seventeen year old.

*So Cold - Catch 22


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 7, 2011 at 6:20 AM

    do i know guy?? i want to know guy...this is so unfair. and btw i read this blog when you first posted it but couldn't bring myself to comment. i'm practically forcing myself to comment right now. but i feel that all your blogs should have at least one comment. haha

    oh and yes being old is sooo weird! :|

    and on a completely unrelated note..i am going to miss watching the next twilight with behar!!!! i cannot believe that...:'(

  2. umm i actually don't know if you know Guy or not. do you know the people that graduated with me? and i was thinking that same thing about watching harry potter without daddy! every single one i saw in theaters i saw with him, and the ones i didnt we watched on dvd. part of me is thinking about just holding off on watching it until the dvd but the other part of me thinks that's insane.