Monday, August 5, 2013

i just left a comment on a blog post that was longer than the actual post itself. and why, you may ask. because the post mentioned something about harry potter that i just had to discuss. i couldn't let it go. the final book in the harry potter series was published over six years ago and yet there are still blog posts referencing it and i still feel the need to discuss it. (unfortunately, the people in my own life have neither the time nor the inclination to have potter discussions anymore or i would literally spend at least three days just talking about the books nonstop.) 

kids starting first grade this year were born into a world where the entire harry potter series was finished. by the time they were born, we knew that snape was "good" and that dumbledore dies and that good wins out over evil but not without great loss to both sides. there was no more speculation or waiting or anything. it was done. 

also, the epilogue of harry potter takes place in three years. i grew up with these characters, and in three years i will have outlived the entire storyline. and yet i will still probably have millions of words about the series that i have not yet said. i will still probably be rereading it. i will still probably secretly wish i got a hogwarts letter at eleven. 

i was hoping that an actual point would surface in my rambling, but no. i like harry potter. the end. 


  1. LOVE Harry Potter. When Dumbledore died, I sobbed. Hysterically. My husband came home from work, and I was clutching the book and bawling. And I had no one to discuss it with me who would actually understand. My mom was reading the series, too, but she was one book behind me, so I couldn't tell her!!

    1. i tried for years to get my mom to read the series, but she's never read a single word of them. thankfully most of my friends read them at the same time as me and i could discuss everything with them.