Friday, August 23, 2013

i think that i'm sick

being sick is miserable. being sick when you don't have time to be sick, though, is even worse. for the past couple of days, i have been sick. the kind of sick where my muscles are half a second away from collapsing and my entire body just really wants to lie down in bed and never move again. the kind of sick where my throat is so sore and swollen that not only is it a torturous pain to swallow, but even my neck hurts from it. the kind of pain where i feel like i have medicine head despite not taking any cold medicine and chills even outside in the miserably hot and muggy weather. (unfortunately the chills do not let me mistake the heat for some form of coolness.) but despite feeling like crap for the past couple of days, i have had things that i needed to do (like meetings and giving campus tours) and things that i wanted to do (like sister days and dinners with family and hanging out with my nephews) and i just had no time for anything else.

but today is going to be different. i am dedicating this entire morning to being sick. i will bundle up in blankets (and then push them off in annoyance because they make me too hot) with my computer and a good chick lit (probably on the couch because i'm a little sick of my bed. one of the problems of being sick and busy is that i will go to bed at eight:thirty because i am achey and tired and cold, but then i will wake up at one:thirty thinking i should get up and after forcing myself to go back to sleep for the next several hours, i will finally get out of bed at eight with a too-much-sleep heavy head and a feeling of wanting to be as far away from my bed as possible). i will drink mug after mug after mug of honey lemon tea. (does it count as tea if no leaves are being steeped in the water?) i will moan to the animals that i do not feel good, because they are the only ones around to hear me. i will take a bunch of medicine that absolutely does not help anything in any way but that i feel that i should take anyway. i may watch some tv.

and then, once afternoon hits (or maybe early evening), i will get up, take a shower, and declare myself over being sick. i will take a deep breath and ignore all my symptoms until they go away. and maybe i will make a few of the phone calls that i refuse to do this morning and then go hang out with my nephews. for now, though, i am off to curl up with my book (that i started days ago but haven't had the chance to pick up since the first day) and my mug and wallow in the fact that i don't feel good. i'm starting to feel better already.

*Disease - Matchbox 20


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 23, 2013 at 9:58 PM

    Sad that we didn't get to hang out....but glad that you had a much needed rest day!! Hope you're feeling better :)

    1. by last night i thought i was completely better, but then i woke up at six unable to swallow again. ugh. but maybe we can do something today after your apple picking. i'll message you about it.