Saturday, August 24, 2013

thoughts keep running through my head

[one] with football season once again starting, i think it is time for me to discuss the deception of football helmets. i'm still not completely sure if it's a good deception (like magic shows) or a bad deception (like when you buy tickets to watch elvis and it's really an impersonator), so i guess i'll leave it up to you to decide. but anyway. sometimes i'll be watching football and see one of the guys on the field and think, "wow, congratulations on your face, sir." (and by "think," i usually mean say out loud. my dad's and husband's usual reaction to my comments on the players' looks is to ignore me, but sometimes i can get them to take part in an entire conversation about them and then i go home feeling victorious.) and then they'll go over to the sidelines, pull off their helmet, and i'm just like, "MY EEEYYYYEEEES! THEY BUUUURRRRNNN! SOMEONE QUICK! GET THAT MAN A PAPER BAG! POST HASTE!" and to those men, i say, "always, always, wear your helmet." because really, football helmets can do wonders.

[two] i was thinking about characters the other day, and i realized that i love some characters for the stories that live in my head rather than the stories that they are actually written in. this can mean actual fanfiction plots or just random thoughts that i've thought about the character - like their back story or what they were doing while the protagonist was off saving the world. sometimes, i don't even like the character in canon but s/he is one of my favorites outside of it. and that got me to wondering, if an author creates a character and thereby pretty much owns him/her, and i don't particularly like the character for what the author wrote of him/her (for whatever reason), can i still say that i love the character? does that even count?

[three] i never realize that i have this inherent sense of entitlement just because i live in america until i'm watching youtube and it tells me that a video is not available in my country. i literally have a moment where i just do not understand what is happening. i mean, i am in america for heaven's sake! what do you mean it doesn't work here? where else would it work, then? do any other countries even exist? and if they do, how is it possible that things could work there and not here? everything should work here. people should not have things that americans cannot have. (this is an exaggeration, of course, but i really do get this shock every time it happens, and that says a lot.)

*Through My Head - B.O.B.


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 25, 2013 at 9:00 AM

    Then football helmets are like sunglasses. Or a nice smile. When you think a guy looks good and then he takes his sunglasses off or smiles and its a totally different person who could or could not be in dire need of braces.

    I don't think I can relate to the character thing....but it did remind me that I forgot to take the books you gave me. Today inshallah

    and the last part cracked me up! I too am shocked when they say not available in America. :D

    1. yes. exactly. sunglasses are deceptive too. possibly the most deceptive ever.

      you forgot to take the books today, too. at least, i think you did. i'll check later.

      and glad to know i'm not the only one.