Saturday, August 17, 2013

we've got the vision, now let's have some fun

around father's day, i read this post where a sixteen month year old made a finger painting masterpiece for his dad by writing out a phrase in tape and then painting all over it. (you can tell that i'm not all that connected with the creative pinterest side of the internet, because it was the first time that i had heard of this.) after reading it i thought, i have blank canvases at home! i have paint! i will have access to children in the summer! we will do this.

so when my nephews were spending the day with us on thursday, we decided to make finger painting masterpieces of our own. and by we, i obviously mean them. (we stopped by ac moore before chuck e cheese and they chose out some sparkly paints because none of mine were washable and there was no way i was using them with toddlers. [the post i linked to has a recipe for finger paints that i completely forgot about, but check it out and make your own paint at home.] and good thing too, because the two year old was covered in paint by the time he was done. there was one point where he got so into swishing the paint around the canvas that his arms slipped and he fell headfirst into his painting. he thought it was hilarious. they both had tons of fun.)

while choosing out what to write in tape, i suggested that we write their names. they did not think that was a good idea. at all. they had their own ideas.

hamza (four yr old): no, i think we should write elephant.
me: instead of your name?
hamza: yeah. i want to write elephant. mommy will love it.
me: umm... okay. and how about you? do you want to write your name?
omar (two yr old): no. i want to write poopy.
me: no, let's write your name instead.
omar: no, poopy. mommy will love it.
me: i don't think she will.
hamza: oh, come on. let him write poopy.

and that is how we ended up with these:

there were seven different colors of paint, and they both used all of them. mixed together. so it would "be like a rainbow." it took all of my will power to stop myself from telling them to stop mixing the colors. (i also used masking tape which is why the outline isn't very sharp. the paint soaked through a bit.) overall, i'd consider it a success.

*Time to Pretend - MGMT


  1. anonymous hippopotamusAugust 20, 2013 at 1:10 AM

    sixteen month year old...cracking up!!

    and i love the paintings...probably will make more in Riyadh. :D

    1. you parents and your month counting. he's almost two so he will be called a two year old. also, i'm glad you like them. you should totally do more. and make your own finger paint because i know how you like to make your own art supplies.