Saturday, September 24, 2011

where'd you go? i miss you so. seems like it's been forever since you've been gone

so yesterday we took the boys to see the lion king at the movies, and can you believe that they had never seen it before? i felt like i had failed my duties as an older sister. they had seen lion king one and a half. it came out when they were younger and when i bought it they would watch it on repeat all. day. long. over and over and over again for months. they had seen lion king two recently on the airplane. we used to have it taped off the tv, but then ali recorded free willy over the last fifteen minutes or so when he was small. but they had never seen the original one, the best one. we had it on vhs, but it got lost in one of our house moves. i was devastated naturally, because along with beauty and the beast and aladdin, it's up there with my favorite disney movies of all time. if you haven't already, i suggest you go watch it on the big screen before it stops showing. it's a guaranteed good movie in a time when a lot of what is being shown is just mindless crap that makes billions of dollars anyway.

while i was watching the movie, listening to baby simba talk, all i could think about was where did jonathan taylor thomas disappear to? he was my first celebrity crush - well, him and aladdin, but he was my first non-animated one - and i definitely wasn't the only one. i remember him taking off time from acting to go to college or something, good role model as he is (it was the biggest news of my elementary class), and then he came back and did a few guest spots on shows that he would probably be starring in if he didn't leave, and then he fell off the face of the planet. where did he go?

**UPDATE**: shortly after posting this, i did a quick google search and found this, an interview with him from the home improvement reunion (which i didn't know about?) about a week ago. apparently he's been "going to school, and traveling quite a bit, getting to read a lot of books [he's] wanted to for quite some time." basically a very me-sanctioned way to spend his time out of the spotlight. twenty three year old me approves of eight year old's me choice in crushes. eight year old me feels validated.

i'm going to go find my slap bracelets now and continue reliving my childhood.

*Where'd You Go - Fort Minor


  1. i loved him and rider strong and eric von detton.
    and as for animated crushes, i was in love with digimon's male cast. haha the shame of youth.

  2. omg me too to all of them. i never watched digimon and don't remember seeing any of them so can't agree/disagree with you there, but i definitely had quite a few animated crushes.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusSeptember 24, 2011 at 9:59 PM

    they are selling slap bracelets at cvs...the one in the panam shopping center is selling them near the pharmacy. I bought one for each boy..zazu loves them. :D

  4. anonymous hippopotamusSeptember 24, 2011 at 10:04 PM

    oh and jtt looks hideous in that picture from the interview... why must people grow old and ugly??

  5. they're also selling them at ac moore, and chilis, and i'm guessing a bunch of other places. they're coming back. and he didn't look hideous, but he was definitely cuter when he was younger.