Tuesday, April 17, 2012

dressed up like a princess

[one] considering the facts that the majority of what i wear consists of jeans and hoodies and my go to shoes are flip flops, you may be surprised to learn that if i could, i would wear evening gowns all day every day. (more princessy than slinky because to be quite frank, i don't have the body for the latter.) i would get dressed up to fill my car up with gas. i would wear a full length ball gown to get taco bell and another one to go to the park with my brothers and nephews. i would wear pretty dresses to school, to hang out at a friend's house, and to pick up eggs and butter. i love them that much. (i guess because when i was four i never truly appreciated them and lost the only chance i had at this being acceptable?)

[two] i read this article yesterday entitled "the problem is not the books." it's countering a new york times article that, as is so often done, complains about how there are no books out there for boys which explains why there are fewer boy readers. this article puts the blame back on society which belittles boys who like "girl things" and consider books written by or about girls as "girl things" that a boy couldn't possibly relate to. as the article pointed out, in our society male is neutral and female is specific. i agree with the article. if i could get my brothers into books like ella enchanted and the secret garden then it just goes to show you that raising a reader is one thing, and raising someone who likes to read boy books is something entirely different. anyway, the article was interesting - nothing too earth-shatteringly ground-breaking, but still worth a read.

[three] last night my husband and i went to watch the three stooges. i wasn't one of the people super excited to watch the movie, but i also wasn't one of the people adamantly refusing to ever see it. i thought it was okay, not bad but not one of the best movies i've seen. pretty much what i expected going in. what was awesome about it was the soundtrack. they had some really good songs playing in it that i would not have expected to hear in a three stooges movie. oh, and a lot of the kids were really cute.

*Something in your Mouth - Nickelback (i mist confess that i've never heard this song before)


  1. anonymous hippopotamusApril 17, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    oooo abood and ali are going to HATE you!!! they wanna watch that movie sooo bad! :D hisham the other day was saying hamza would probably like that movie...and i looked at him in horror and said it is not a kids movie! i dont know why i mentioned that.. lol
    and the book thing makes me think of the issues people have with boys playing with a doll. not allowing them too kinda teaches them that as adults taking care of their own children is not manly and should be left to their wives.

    i love dresses...unfortunately my disgusting body now looks hideous in all type of dresses. :'( :'( i want to be skinny again, but i don't want to do the work. maybe i'll try the nose tube diet that's been in the news. :D

  2. anonymous hippopotamusApril 17, 2012 at 11:33 AM

    god.. i am in a writing mood today. everything i comment or reply to has been ridiculously long!

  3. lol i know. so did anisah. they all know i watched it though. and actually there was a mom with her two little kids, one hamza's age and one omar's. and every time she tried to put the omar down she would start crying so she held her and walked the whole time. and yeah i originally had the doll thing in the post but took it out.

    i dunno what the nose tube diet is but it sounds super gross.