Monday, April 23, 2012

my love has drifted out to sea

[one] the other day my mom, sisters, and i went out to watch titanic. when it first came out a million and seven years ago, my sisters and i weren't allowed to watch it (some parents just don't understand how unfair it is to deprive your nine year old daughter of seeing a movie that everyone else in her fourth grade class has seen). as i got older, i just didn't want to watch it as much as i originally had. i mean, i knew the story, had had all of the best parts reenacted for me countless times, and could probably quote half the movie already. i didn't actually get around to watching it until college when it was on sale at walmart and resulted in a spur of the moment buy. since then, i've watched it more times than is probably healthy. it's just such a great movie for when you're in a feel-like-laughing and a feel-like-crying mood.

[two] for field day in high school, we would get some "extra cool" activity to go along with the usual relay races and water balloon tosses. one year we got a dunking tank. another year we got a giant titanic slide. when i watched titanic for the first time, it felt so wrong watching the people slide down the length of the ship into freezing water as it sank and knowing that we got a sinking ship to slide down for for fun. (granted, i never actually went down the slide, but it wasn't because of some moral sense that it was wrong. i just didn't feel like waiting in such a long line for a slide. even if it was really big and looked like a ship sinking into the grass.) watching the movie on a big screen where everyone is pretty much life size or bigger made the titanic guilt worse.

[three] to move on from the titanic, i've talked a few times on here about helping people (namely my dad) with their computers and how it can get frustrating at times. but i will never again complain about being roped into tech support the second i walk into my parents' house because now i know that it could be so much worse. my dad is in the desert at the moment, and the other day i let myself into the house to see my mom and suddenly found myself trying to fix his computer from halfway around the world using a faltering skype connection for communication. not fun. trust me. it is so much harder when i can't even see the screen and there's a three second lag in the conversation and i'm constantly being yelled at to speak slower.

*Where We Went Wrong - The Hush Sound 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusApril 23, 2012 at 11:37 AM

    one titanic was amazing on screen and in 3d. simply amazing! are a horrible person :P
    three..haha its your own fault for being good at IT stuff

    1. i'm not good at IT. i'm good at googling.

  2. Titanic really is a film I watch to laugh at... once upon a time it was sad... but not any more

    I know EXACTLY what you mean!!! I have to do the same thing through skype for my mum, or teaching my sister chemistry >.< It's painful. Recently, trying to answer excel problems for our chem report, I was asking people to meet me in the uni library and they were all "But I'm at home now" and I'm sitting here wondering how I can analyse all their data without being able to physically access it >.<

  3. it stopped being sad for me, too, after a while, but seeing it in theaters brought back lots of the sadness. and when i'm in a particular mood it can still depress me.

    yeah technology is seriously frustrating. awesome, but frustrating. and could you guys have just emailed all the data to each other? i dunno how else they expected you to be able to do it.

  4. Not really - it's just madness really trying to help them out >.<