Tuesday, April 24, 2012

i'd like to think i could control myself, but it isn't true

i noticed this morning that i haven't been on ebay in forever. i'm not exactly sure when the last time i signed into it was, but i'm certain i haven't been on it since i got married. and since that was almost a year ago now, that's a pretty long time. i used to go onto ebay whenever i was bored and bid on a bunch of random things (usually books) and then hope i lost the bids. i was introduced to some great books that way though, when three days later i would get an email congratulating me on winning the bid for (insert random title here). i guess this means that i spend my moments of boredom doing more financially appropriate things now? or maybe i'm not as bored anymore? or maybe it's just that since i changed my email account with them from my school one to one of my gmails that i don't check often and i'm not getting the daily reminders that they exist, i've forgotten about them. i dunno, but i have a final project to work on today and maybe some ebay browsing is just the thing i need to procrastinate with.

speaking of final projects, i can't wait for the summer, even if i'll be using the time to study for qualifying exams. i just... i'm so sick of sitting in classrooms. have i mentioned that already? yes. well, okay then. plus, i have a meeting with a professor early summer that will hopefully answer the question of what i will be doing my thesis on, an that's a relief because i was getting a little tired of floating around aimlessly and having people ask me what i was going to research only to respond with, "well... um... i'm not exactly sure, actually. something related to computer forensics i think, though." you get a lot of weird looks when you admit that you went into a phd program with no idea about what you wanted to do your thesis on. apparently that's just not the way things are done normally? who knew? 

*Can't Wait - Bob Dylan

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