Wednesday, April 18, 2012

so the years move on

so, today's my birthday. cue the facebook birthday posts from people that i haven't spoken to in years and only have on my friend's list because i'm too lazy to get rid of them. for example, last night someone wrote on my wall, and i had no idea who she was. at all. after a bit of searching it turned out to be one of those friends of a friend of a friend that had changed her name. but anyway, for the first time since i started this blog i'm not going to dedicate this entire post to my birthday. i know, i know, crazy.

before i move on to non-birthday things, though, i'm kinda annoyed that after lunch with my mom, sister, and husband today i have to go sit in class for six hours. what kind of way to spend a birthday is that? oh, and i can't decide whether to get books or a phone for myself. hardest decision of my life. (i'm leaning towards books, though.) speaking of books, i finally made a goodreads account after talking about it for years, and i'm way too addicted to it. do you know how many hours i can sit looking through book titles and reading reviews and not getting bored? a lot. if you have a goodreads account, then add me as a friend.

while we're on the subject of addicting websites that really shouldn't be this addicting, i also finally started pottermore yesterday. i was sorted into ravenclaw, and even though i was kind of expecting it, i'm still not entirely sure how i feel about that. if you happen to be on pottermore, i'm PatronusKnight508. find me. oh, and because i'm already talking about harry potter, the other day i was reading something online that asked if fred and george had the marauder's map for years, why were they never concerned when they saw a supposed dead man sleeping in ron's bed with him every night? i hadn't even thought of that before they mentioned it, but seriously.

oh, and as a birthday present blogger forced me into using the new blogger interface which i was avoiding switching to. yay.

*The Years Move On - Kristian Leontiou


  1. anonymous hippopotamusApril 18, 2012 at 10:12 PM

    why do we celebrate the day someone was born into this miserable world? lol

  2. we're not, stupid. we're celebrating that we're one year closer to leaving it. duh.

  3. Happy birthday!! Sorry it seems like it didn't go as perfectly as it could have... But hey, you get another one next year, so maybe it'll be better. ;)

    I'd never thought very in depth about Fred and George having the Map... My guess is that they were only looking out for themselves, mischievous as they are, and never bothered to look in on Ron.

    1. thank you! and it actually wasn't as bad as i thought it was going to be. i mean, yes i was in class, but they weren't too bad yesterday. full of jokes and laughing. and it was raining, but i was indoors most of the day anyway.

      i never had either. yeah they probably didn't spend too much time worrying about where ron was, but at the same time, they never noticed a dead guy walking around? even by accident? harry did it twice.

  4. I have goodreads... But I haven't been on it for ages >.>

    And my last bday I had 15 minutes to myself at 11:45pm - which was the bit I loved about the day, as I got engaged :p

    And I think it's more of a celebration of surviving the past year, rather than being born... >.> After all, the world is awful.

    I've used the new interface for months now (Blogger In Draft)... coincidently, I now know that was the problem - the blogger in draft redirect was screwing up my dashboard. If I had just used the new interface I'd have been fine, but it kept trying to redirect.

    I am PotionRose17 on Pottermore... but I'm barely on now... I finished the first book within the first few days and grew bored after a while... It's taken too long for the second book and it's not as great as it was hyped up to be (I got in on beta)

  5. that's what most people have been telling me. i guess i shoulda made the account when people i knew still used it. i really do spend way to much time on it if i sign in.

    getting engaged is definitely an awesome way to end a birthday.

    i used the interface for blogger for a few minutes when it first came out months ago, but didn't really like it so i switched back to the old and kept ignoring all the prompts to change to the new. how did you figure out that that was the problem?

    and yeah i finished the first book too and there really isn't much to do after that. it definitely was hyped up to be a lot better, although i did enjoy reading a lot of the notes she added. especially the ones on mcgonagall. i didn't bother with the magic quill thing because beta was only supposed to last a month. boy was i wrong.

  6. McGonagall's story made me sad... she is soooo awesome.

    When navigating by using the quick edit icons, it didn't revert to blogger in draft. Once I remove the in draft, it was fine and put it back on, and I had issues again. So i left it off for the weekend and now everything is fine and i'm back in draft