Tuesday, April 24, 2012

look at this stuff, isn't it neat?

last week i came across this which led me to this which introduced me to book spine poetry. back in undergrad i took a course that had us trying out things like writing flarf, spoetry, and black out poems. it was one of my absolute favorite courses i have ever taken, and when i first heard of book spine poetry i felt like it was something that we would have covered in that class if we had the time. anyway, instead of procrastinating on ebay today, i decided to save my money for the smart phone i'm thinking about maybe possibly buying (though i probably won't) and tried my hand at book spine poetry with some of my books (which showed me that i need books with titles more suitable for making poems). here are some of the ones i came up with (and yes i do realize that some are completely awful. it was a lot of fun anyway):

Pride and prejudice never let me go outside the ordinary world.

The world according to Garp: stardust, darkness, a swiftly tilting planet.

Dear John,
By the time you read this, the stuff that never happened [will be] gone with the wind.
Love, Stargirl

Paper towns catching fire fade into the wild: a great and terrible beauty.

Suspicious characters looking for Alaska fear no evil, brave, new world.

Wake the book thief, prep the last tycoon. The mists of Avalon fade. 

The fault in our stars eclipse[s] the long fall home to Woefield.

An abundance of Katherines speak atonement, and only to deceive. 

Go ask Alice the perks of being a wallflower far from the madding crowd. 

The fault in our stars eclipse[s] the history of love. 

The stranger, the watcher, monster. You don't know me. 
as i said, it was a lot of fun. and since we're still in national poetry month, i think all of you should give it a try and link/write the poems you make in the comments. i would love to see them.

*Part of Your World - The Little Mermaid


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    1. yay! i felt like that was one of the ones that fit best together.

  2. arghhhh this is the hundredth time i try to post anything. let's see if it goes through -_-

    i don't have enough books to do this.

    1. ugh i hate when blogger eats my comments - one of the most annoying parts of online communication. if you really wanted to do this you could just use titles of books you've read without actually physically putting them together. or you could come visit me and use my books lol.