Friday, May 25, 2012

aint it so cool gettin in and gettin out of the volgenau school

when i was in third grade, i sat in my doctor's waiting room (dr. haymen i think his name was?) with my family. there were little chairs and those toys where you push wooden beads along colored wires and books. i went for the latter and picked up a hard cover book with a missing dust jacket titled excalibur. though i didn't get a chance to finish the book at that visit, i left the office with a new found interest in arthurian stories. i never ended up finishing the book, actually. i remember asking for it once as a present, but i never got it. enter my fourth grade teacher who shared the same interest in all things medieval. we had an entire section of the year devoted to it in which we read and wrote stories about knights and castles, made ceramic castle candle holders, and ended with an authentic medieval feast (no utensils were allowed, we used pieces of bread instead of plates, drank apple cider, and the only lighting came from the candles in our handmade candle holders). it was awesome. as the years went on, though my obsession with king arthur never actually died down, it did get covered up with other interests and obsessions. (i like to obsess.) the other day while watching merlin, all of the traditional arthurian elements came into the story: he knighted characters like lancelot and gawain, sat around a round table, and merlin put the sword in the stone (yeah i'm a season or two behind the rest of the world). and suddenly my fourth grade self, who was apparently alive and well for the past fourteen years just waiting for this moment, came up to the surface with as much excitement for the whole thing that i had back then. and within the course of the forty minute episode, my obsession jumped right back to the top.

the only problem with this is that i recently bought a bunch of books and now i don't want to read any of them because they have nothing to do with king arthur or his knights.

oh, and off topic but because i said i would post it, here's the video of my convocation speaker's rap. he sent it out in an email with the lyrics to all of us saying how he wanted it to go viral. with only around seven hundred views, i think he's going to end up being a little disappointed. but he is an awesome guy, so you should watch it:

*Convocation Rap - Dean Griffiths

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  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 25, 2012 at 10:22 AM

    brad had posted it a few days ago..unfortunately for him he is a horrible rapper. lol but still a better speech than the 2010 convocation..much less boring