Monday, May 14, 2012

trying hard not to smile though i feel bad

the other day i went back to my old high school to watch my brothers participate in an islamic competition game show thing. it was pretty awesome, even if it did end up starting an hour and a half late and the computer died halfway through the game. when the game show questions cd froze three times in a row, the teacher switched to just asking the questions orally. now, i don't know how many of you are faithful watchers of nickelodeon, but there's an episode of victorious (the one where jade and beck break up for the second time) where cat tells jade not to forget two when she counts to ten, because apparently some people forget it. anyway, the competition consisted of multiple choice questions, and every time the teacher would give the possible answers (he used one, two, three instead of a, b, c) he would forget the number two. it reminded me of cat. i found it hilarious.

it is possible (read: probable) that you won't find this as funny as i did, partly because, well, i'm the kind of person that laughs at the wrong times (after the game show they had a little prayer/remembrance thing for my sister's friend's mom that recently passed away. when the speaker stood at the podium crying for a minute and then ran out of the auditorium and we all just sat there in awkward silence, i was fighting a really strong urge to break into laughter. yup, i'm the kind of girl that laughs at funerals.) and partly because i'm not sure i have full control over this whole words to sentences to story process this morning.

i stayed up later than usual last night to watch ten things i hate about you, because come on, if there was ever a movie to ward off sleep for, it's one where heath ledger sings can't take my eyes off of you. apparently my body didn't get the memo that i was going to make up missed sleep this morning, though, because it woke up at seven like usual and then fell into a really light, half-sleep until eight:thirty. i don't feel tired, but i don't feel not tired, if that makes any sense.

anyway, i have an exam to get ready for and an apartment to clean. fun day ahead of me. but tomorrow night i will be officially done with my first semester of my phd program and good riddance i say.

*One Week - Barenaked Ladies

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    i feel bad that i haven't been commenting