Thursday, May 10, 2012

i'm not going to let stuff get me upset, and i won't let the little things get me depressed

yesterday was one of the many days i have had recently where the stress constantly swirling right beneath my skin started to boil and threatened to bubble over. it seems to be so much easier to get overwhelmed these days, and by things that i don't think the past me would have worried much about. does this mean i'm getting old? or have i just completely lost my ability to handle stress? i seem to have been misplacing a lot these days: my nephew's book, my flash drive, my ipod cable, my mind... all missing.

i'm a self-proclaimed pessimist, but i am not the kind of person (ninety-nine percent of the time) that holds on to a bad mood for the sake of being in a bad mood. if my day starts out crappy or doesn't go as expected, i'm always open for noticing a silver lining. while i may not go into any in-depth search for it, if it starts dancing in front of me, shiny and sparkling, i won't ignore it. so when, despite the stress, i got through my final with no moments of "oh my god did we even go over this in class? why is this test written in chinese?," and my group did well on our final presentation, and my professor brought pizza and i got a slice of veggie (last time there was only pepperoni left which i can't eat), my about to burst from stress mood was pretty much gone. and then when i was walking to my car after my second class, i fell into one of those moments that should only happen on tv and it made my night/week/month.

see, parts of our campus flood when it rains. well, semi-flood. there are these big squares that make up the sidewalk, probably around three by three, and they all seem to be bowl shaped, though i never notice that until they fill up with ankle deep water whenever we get more than a drizzle. yesterday, it rained. so there's a big group of people leaving all the main buildings, and when we get to the flooding area we kind of form a single file line and weave through the puddles like a long snake. one guy starts singing we're following the leader from peter pan and soon most people join in. when we got to the end of the sidewalk we all just went off in our own directions and acted like nothing happened, but it was awesome.

*Generator - The Holloways 


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 10, 2012 at 9:57 PM

    OH.MY.GOD. that is more than awesome and sooooo freaking unfair! i want to be part of that! i'm seriously upset right now. you better have sung along...sang...sung. i dunno. all i know is if you didn't sing with him then you suck! and i hate you because im jealous..because i wish i was a part of that. although i have my own sing alongs with the boys every day. *sigh* i miss people. lol

  2. i wasn't like the second to join in or anything, but yes i sang along. i'm glad someone appreciated this cause everyone else i told was like, "okay, and?" lol you're so sad.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMay 11, 2012 at 12:21 PM

    pssht...thats cuz you told stupid people! this is equivalent of one of those flash mobs.. at least in my mind.

  4. except with disney songs which makes it so much cooler.