Monday, May 28, 2012

i was too lazy to play or paint or write or try to make a change

the auto-correct on my sister's phone changes my name to satan. i'm not sure why sarah, being the most common name in the universe, needs auto-correcting.

i was recently told that the princess diaries movie came out ten years ago. ten. as in a decade has gone by. how did this happen? is this what getting old feels like? going through life normally and then sudden reminders jumping out just to remind you that time is passing right under your nose? 

my ipod has been dead for way too long, but i don't want to charge it until i download the new music i want to put on it. i put it off because i was busy, then i was lazy, and now i've forgotten what songs i wanted. life is hard. 

i made some sort of cheesy-spinach-bread last night and had a slice for breakfast. it was really good, but now i'm dying of thirst. i once complained that i was thirsty because the kitchen was too far away from my bedroom. since then i've moved to an apartment where it would probably take me less than ten steps to get to the kitchen, and i'm still thirsty and still too lazy to hydrate myself. 

i'm also too lazy to follow a single thought past its initial two sentences, read more than a paragraph at a time in my book, or make any effort at having a life that exists outside of my immediate family.

i might go up to CT this summer to visit my grandmother. i might go on a different road trip. i might go to the desert to visit family. i'm supposed to be meeting people to discuss potential dissertation ideas. i should be studying for my qualifying exams. at this very second i think i'll just sit on this chair and stare at a computer screen for three months.

i got on the computer today ready to write. (i really want to be a real writer, you guys.) but i suddenly looked at the clock and realized two hours have gone by while i got sucked down an internet wormhole and am now too lazy. i'm never going to get anywhere in life.

*Weekend Wars - MGMT


  1. anonymous hippopotamusMay 28, 2012 at 11:30 AM

    another good post. :D

    i wanna try the spinach cheesy bread thing.. lol and i want to know the story of the spinach pies and why they were a major fail. another blog post!

  2. yay :). and after i texted you i took them out of the oven and the fail turned into a not fail. not exactly a success though either since i spent most of the dough and spinach on the bread. i'll tell you the story when i see you.

  3. anonymous hippopotamusMay 28, 2012 at 8:51 PM

    sure you will...just like we discussed once upon a time