Friday, June 15, 2012

and today i will trust you with the confidence of a man who's never known defeat, but tomorrow upon hearing what i did i will stare at you in disbelief

it has been ridiculously hard to choose a name for this cell phone of mine. he's definitely the hardest to name of all my electronics, which led me to the conclusion (if you read my responses to comments you already know this) that my children will be numbered instead of named. but only odd numbers because hello, i am not cruel enough to wish an even number on anyone. i'd probably start at three, though. i'd only name a boy five, and i'd skip seven altogether because back in the desert they call 7-up (the soda) seven (but with an f for the v because they don't have v's in arabic) and i wouldn't want my kids to be made fun of with idiotic insults generating from a soda brand. originality and wit are always appreciated, though. there would definitely be a nine and a fifteen (that one would be my favorite) and i'm still debating whether to go in order or not. it'd probably be kinda stupid if i started at fifteen went to three and ended at nine, though, don't you think?

also, this afternoon i had a meeting with one of my professors, and can i just say that whenever i walk out of that professor's office i feel like i'm the most amazing thing since the decision to put cheese on a burger? seriously, i think that this whole phd program will be doable and interesting and groundbreaking and amazing and that i'm amazing for doing it and for being me and that i can do whatever i want because, i mean, just look at me. i'm awesomeness incarnate. there is nothing that i can't learn and nothing that i can't do and nothing that i wouldn't want to learn, because have you ever learned about any of this computer-y stuff? it's fascinating. give me a day or two and the high will wear off, but for now i will bask in the knowledge that i am the most amazing contribution to the human race that has walked this earth.

on a less happy note, i woke up this morning to find that my washing machine was broken. it had decided that it was above rinsing and spinning and instead wanted to become a laundry soup maker. (it thinks it could be a big thing among vegetarians.) on an ordinary day this would be an inconvenience. on a day when you find out that you're leaving the country in a week and have absolutely no clean clothes because you've been an anti-laundry bum for the past few months, it is catastrophic. thank god for apartment repair men who come to save the day. even if they do claim that there is nothing wrong with a washing machine that is obviously going through a mid-life crisis.

oh, and i made granola bars last night. like, by myself from scratch. and washed the dishes when they were baking instead of leaving them for this morning. they should totally make a tv show all about how domestic i am.

*Let It All Out - Relient K


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 15, 2012 at 9:42 PM

    you know whats funny? your birthday is all even numbers.. :D

    you know who's all domestic??? me! i havent had a ginormous pile of laundry in MONTHS! yes currently I have 2 bags of clean laundry sitting on my couch...but its all clean! no dirty clothes ANYWHERE! and we've been pretty good with dishes too! sooo proud! :D

    and you didn't really say if the machine got fixed or not?

  2. yeah i know, and surprisingly i don't hate it, but unless it's a 4 and 18 together then just ew.

    laundry is seriously the bane of my existence. i wish clothes were disposable (or recyclable depending on how green you wanna be). and according to zeyad, the guy drained the water, checked it out, proclaimed it healthy, ran it once, and left. he blamed it on the electricity outages we've been having.