Monday, June 11, 2012

i don't think it's fair

with seven million and twelve different channels on tv, you know what one should put on? a competition for writers. i mean, they have competitions for every other career/interest/hobby: cooks, pastry chefs, interior designers, artists (painters/sculpturs/etc), car designers, singers, pretty people, smart people, dogs, etc. you know how chopped makes cooks create meals with mystery ingredients? they should do the same thing with mystery characters and plot points. like, the group should have to write a short story in twenty minutes that includes a one-legged man, an old bridge, and an alien invasion. and the one with the worst story is eliminated. but you could do different forms of writing for different rounds (like poetry/prose and different genres) and then the winner gets ten thousand dollars. i would totally watch that.

i guess the closest thing that i ever saw was this show that my younger sister was obsessed with. my sister used to be really into slam poetry. she really wanted to be a slam poet? poetry slammer? but a combination of culture, religion, and parents made the trips it required impossible, thereby making the whole endeavor impossible. but anyway, we used to watch this slam poetry competition on tv and it was awesome, but i think it got cancelled, and i don't know why because it was awesome. now that i mention it, though, it really isn't very close at all. but it was still a really good show. they should restart it. or you know, do something.

*Low Fidelity - The Spill Canvas


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 12, 2012 at 8:02 AM

    thats a really cool should submit and make money off of it. i mean whats the wrst thing that could happen? they reject your show idea? i think you totally should submit it to where ever people submit show

  2. lol i dunno where people would submit show ideas. maybe someone who reads this will know and submit it.

  3. The contestants are sitting in the kitchen discussing their stories.
    "Like, she is such a bitch."
    The contestants get started on their writing challenges.
    Sarah writes. Then she looks up. Then she writes again. *hours pass* She writes more.

  4. lol well obviously they wouldn't just show them writing for the entire show. it would be more like two seconds of them writing and then just have them reading it or whatever. oh, and of course the petty bad sportsmanship comments would be thrown in between rounds.

  5. I think there was a show on HBO for slam poetry- which, by the way, is my newest obsession. These people with their passion, man. They slay me- slam me? Hmm, that is where the name comes from. Nothing like a casual epiphany. Play on, Sarah K. There is actually a slam poet called Sarah Kay- here is too little coincidences.

  6. that's the show i was talking about in the last paragraph. slam poetry is really awesome. my sister introduced me to it a few years ago and periodically i'll go back and revisit the awesomeness. i haven't done so in a while, though, maybe i should. casual epiphanies are the best. and i might have to check out this slam poet whose name is so similar to mine.