Saturday, June 9, 2012

it's not so bad

over the past couple of days i've had a draft open in blogger, and i'd periodically go back to it and jot down whatever errant thought it was that i had just had that i felt needed to be its own blog post because i've been super busy and stuff, and um... i'm pretty sure there must be something wrong with me because some of it was just ridiculous. i mean, what was i thinking when i decided that you all needed to read an entire post dedicated to my flip flop tan lines? what would i even write about them that would fill up a post? or how about the note that said my dad called me up a couple of nights ago to tell me that beauty and the beast was playing on the disney channel? and then there are so. many. links. that part of me doesn't even want to open them all to see what they are.

so instead i'll tell you all about the book i'm reading where the mom waited up till three in the morning to tell her daughter some bad news. news that was clumped into the same category of family calamities as the oldest daughter cracking her skull open and suffering from temporary amnesia and the middle child killing herself with drugs, alcohol, and a car smashing into a telephone pole. the news was that the youngest child, a fourth grade boy, wanted to be a writer. i still don't understand what the problem is. the book is a translated japanese novel, so maybe it's something about that culture? maybe it's just the book and i'll find out later why this was so bad? i dunno, but i feel like i should probably figure it out.

there was another part that really stuck out to me as a culture (not really) difference, though it was really just a little side comment. the main character walked into a room with dark mahogany floors that shined with oil, was how i think it was exactly described, and she mentioned that the floors reminded her of her junior high classroom. um... you know what kind of floors were in my junior high classrooms? scuffed linoleum. most people i know will have memories closer to mine than hers.

anyway, my family has abandoned me for the desert yesterday. i felt that that should be mentioned.

*Bling (Confessions of a King) - The Killers


  1. i'm not sure yet. there is a high possibility that we will go in a week or so, but i dunno. if we do go, though, we'd split the time between my side of the country and zeyad's side so i'd only be with my family for a couple of weeks.