Saturday, June 2, 2012

'cause you're amazing

you know what's really amazing? pringles. like, the way the flavors of their chips taste exactly like whatever they're supposed to taste like. it really is the greatest achievement of the universe. i mean, i'm eating the mexican seven layered dip pringles, and my mouth thinks it's eating some kind of seven-layer nachos and my brain is telling it that it's just pringles because it can read the box (tube?) and my mouth is telling my brain to just shut up because it knows what it's eating and it is freaking nachos. i was obsessed with the cheeseburger pringles for a while, too. i never see them in stores anymore, though. do they still make them? also the honey mustard and the dill pickle ones. i mean, all the original flavors are awesome, but these crazy ones are just crazy with how perfect they are.

on another note, the weather today is gorgeous. so obviously i spent all morning at chuck e cheese's with my husband, sister, and nephews. because there is no better way to enjoy beautiful weather than to be cooped up in a dark little building filled with beeping games and shouting kids and tickets and pizza. i mean, duh. and then after that we spent an hour in petland fawning over the bunnies. (i think that i really decided to fulfill my inner fourth-grader's dream of having a pet rabbit. i mean, after i check if they're allowed in my apartment and after we come back from our maybe-overseas-travels in the summer of course. because this seems to be the year to resurrect my fourth grade self, relive obsessions, fulfill dreams, and then finally put her away and grow up. or something.)

oh, and i'm kind of in love with that song from the brave trailer. you should probably listen to it.

*Just the Way You Are - Bruno Mars


  1. anonymous hippopotamusJune 2, 2012 at 9:48 PM

    totally random comment that has absolutely nothing to do with your post because in all honesty i still have not read it...but the comment is too hilarious to not write.

    on my boy's they were talking about underrated pleasures of life...and one guy said warm toilet seat. they all were grossed out and one of the friend's said.."yeah its like 'ah a stranger was just here..i can still feel their butt heat" loool so funny. its exactly why i HATE warm toilet seats.

  2. ew i hate them too. so so gross. exactly for that reason. ble5. just thinking about them...

  3. anonymous hippopotamusJune 8, 2012 at 10:08 PM

    yesterday i was driving to the airport and eating jelly belly's and realized that jellybelly's are more amzing than pringles. their flavors are more accurate than pringles